Saturday, 15 June 2013

Rape Lizards aka Fimir!

Now i've always loved the old range of citadel figures over the more modern day shit that GW puts out 90% of the time. But up until recently (Read the last year) there were 2 ranges of lead i never paid much notice  too, and they areThe Fimir and Slann.

Fimir Warrior 

Both ranges go for silly money on Ebay and forums, but for the last year i wanted to do them both. Anyway i've biten the bullet and descided to start a Fimir force, Mr Saturday's  Fimir is the main reason as there stunning. You can check out Mr Saturdays Fimir at his blog HERE

The army will be built for 8th Ed, and i'm going to be using the Chaos Warrior army book. With Fimm Warriors being Chaos Warriors, and Fianna Fimm being Trolls/Ogres. Unlike most Fimir mine will worship Malal and be mutated.

Greater Deamon of Malal
This is going to be my long running project spanning at least a year, but don't worry I'll still be working on my Orks and 'Stealer Cult along side the Fimir.

Also if anyone has any Fimir for trade/sale let me know.



  1. There's an unofficial Fimir army book too on Scribd.

    1. Indeed, but alas i'm not a fan of fan made lists. Plus my Fimir have been put on hold until the Unoffical Marsh Deamons figures are released.


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