Monday, 28 October 2013

Chaos Squats and Instant mold results

The first 7 Chaos Squats have been painted, everyone has a home cast bit at the very least and with 3 of them being 100% Milliput.

Chaos Squats

From what you can see from that picture (Yes its blurry) your'll be hard pressed to find which bits are copies and what is original.

The paint scheme matches my Chaos Renegade Warband, and the Power Armoured ones will be painted just like the Renegades power armour. This way I can use my Renegades Tank Armour pool (Landraider, 2 Predators, 2 Vindicators, 2 Rhinos) and maybe my Dreadnought and Blood Slaughterer. I was also thinking of using Mantic's Forge Farther Iron Ancestors.

Chaos Squat Dreadnought?

I'd also love to get hold of some of these:

Enigma Marines series, anyone know where I can get some?

So anyway what is being cast next? Well the molds I'd made this morning are of my Chaos Squats in Power Armour using up the last of my Milliput, so that means everything cast after this will be made using Green Stuff. Hopefully that'll improve my cast rates and problems with round edges.

Also one thing that seems to not be able to cast well is Lasguns and open left hands (1 in 3 turn out ok) so I'm just going to use original ones.


  1. Very nice Chico. No idea where to get those Enigma marines though I must admit the do look good. Have you checked out the ones from Blackhat miniatures?

    1. Aye I've seen the Blackhat ones, they are quite nice but not quite the right look for me. Thanks

  2. Nice! More in-focus close ups of those milliput castings please! :)

    1. Can't until i get my new camera on my birthday :)


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