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Harknor Raiders - Personnel

The Raiders Personnel:

Harknor ‘’The Lava Fiend’’ – Daemon Prince of Khorne

Harknor was once the Grand Master of The Flamespikes Chapter, a 28th Founding Chapter. The Flamespikes geneseed is claimed to be Salamander in origin.
When Harknor embraced Khorne there was a Schism within the ranks of The Flamespikes, with fully half of the Chapter shrugging off their worship of the False Emperor, and the rest burning in the fires of vengeance.
With the shackles of their past loyalty’s removed Harknor led The Flamespikes into the Maelstrom where over the years they became The Raiders, a collection of Warbands led by a number of Chaos Lords and many Chapters and Legions. Only the Red Corsairs and maybe the Word Bearers can boast a greater force within the Maelstrom.

Fire and Brimstone – Khornate Captains of the Bloodwing

Both Fire and Brimstone started out on the road of the Lost and Dammed when they were the 1st and 3rd Company Captains in The Flamespikes Chapter. When Harknor saw the light of Khorne it was both Fire and Brimstone which first took up arms alongside him, leading the Bloodwing in the purges which were then the Terminator equipped 1st Company.

The Bloodwing

The Bloodwing were once the 1st Company of the Flamespikes, now they are Frothing Berserker Terminators lost in the bloody worship of the Blood God Khorne.
The Bloodwing act as both bodyguards and enforcers/executioners too Harknor thus ensuring that the non-Khornate elements of The Raiders act as he has ordered.

Lord Warheart

Lord Warheart is a one of the few non-marines that Harknor tolerates in his presence and at time even listens to his advice. Lord Warheart is a Chaos Squat and leads his own Warband of the Magma Brothers.

Warband of the Magma Brothers

A former Squat Brotherhood now turned to Chaos,and falling more into the embrace of Khorne with each passing conflict.

Harknor's Raiders

Inevitably, during the ten thousand years following the Heresy, entire chapters of once loyal Space Marines have fallen to Chaos. Some of the most notable include the Red Corsairs, The Purge, The Scourged, the Blood Disciples, the Company of Misery, the Crimson Slaughter, the Sons of Malice, and The Cleaved and the most feared of all The Raiders.

The Butcher Surgeon – Former Apothecary of the World Eaters Legion

The Butcher Surgeon was once a Apothecary in the World Eaters Legion. Harknor values him greatly for his skills of turning Marines into crazed Berzerkers using both Psycho-surgery and bastardised Lobotomisation.

World Eaters of Khorne

Those of The Raiders who wish to fully dedicate themselves to Khorne usually join The Butcher Surgeons Warband of World Eaters to undergo the complex Psycho-surgery he employs. Once the procedure is complete, they are one with their God, feeling nothing but the desire to kill, maim and burn.
The Berzerkers of Khorne relish their role as the blood God’s sacred destroyers and are fanatical in the extreme. They delight in pain and death and have been known to attack even their comrades in a blind rage.


Brutus is a Demon possessed Dreadnought salvaged from what was left of the a Dreadnought from a loyalist Marine Chapter called The Raptor Legion.

Slagabrix – Sorcerer of Slaanesh

Little is known of Slagabrix and of what pact a servant of Slaanesh has made with his eternal enemy Khorne. But what is known is that Harknor doesn’t trust him but must find useful enough to keep around… for now at least.
Over the years Slagabrix has converted a handful of Raiders to the worship of his God, most of these seem to be from the original Flamespikes Chapter.

Thousand Sons
There are rumours that a unit of Thousand Sons have been sighted either with the Raiders or just after they appear. Who can say why, but for the foes of The Raiders it cannot be a good thing.


  1. The pictures are not the best, but I really like the colour scheme! It especially works well on the dreadnought!

    1. Pictures were taken in 2007, I might take new ones when I can my new cam in December.

  2. Nice job so far mate. Looking forward to meeting the rest of the raiders.

    Try using two sheets of plain A4 paper put together then folded into an L shape. It helps reflect the light and also focus's more on the miniature.

    1. The Raiders have been painted for the last 6/7 years heh, some pictures are alreadyposted on the Blog.

  3. These are great, loving the colour scheme and how it ties into the background. Particularly looking forward to the Magma Brothers!


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