Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Buh Bye 2013, 'ello 2014

Oldhammer at its best

It is time to lay out the plans for 2014.  As the OoaB reader may note, 2013 was a good hobby year for me. This implies that I may have set the standard too low heh. Not only has it been a good hobby year it was also my 1st year Wedding Anni on May 17th, so it was my first complete year as a married man.

So on to the Goals for 2014.

Goal 1:
Painting as always will be a priority for me, with a number of bits to both start and finish. Armies at the top of the list to Finish are my Blood Axe Orks, Fimir and Chaos Squats. Not to mention the 100 odd Combat Zone and/or Necromunda gangs/tribes which will need to be finished (Or in the case of many of them painted).

Goal 2:
Gaming this year has increased a large amount, with both GLOGG being founded and my reappearance in Watford Gaming Club. I have not only managed to play a number of WhFB3 games but a large number of other systems including but not limited too:

WhFB3 & WhFB8
Wh40k2 & Wh40k6
Combat Zone

So unlike many my goal is not to play more, but too just keep the status quo and continue to game as varied as I have and if possible maybe try a few other games out.

Goal 3:
Goal 3 is a simple one in concept but may prove the harder to keep, and thats make the Oldhammer Weekend. Now at this point in time I will be going and even have the Wife permission! but money may prove a problem dew to transport/hotel/food & beer needed. At the moment I plan with the help of others to be running a Wh40k 2nd Ed game based on multiable boards and involving a rather large Genestealer uprising.

Goal 4:
I need to stop buying so much crap which never gets used, either I need to stop buying it or make a extra effort to actually use it.

Goal 5:
Continue to try to play more PC games, in the last few months I've got back into playing a number of PC games partly to relieve boredom but mostly to give myself another hobby outside of Gaming (Didn't work too well as most the games are GW licensed ones lol). Some of the games I've been playing:

DoW 2
DoW Chaos Rising
DoW Retaliation
Space Hulk
Plants Vs Zombies
Warhammer Mark of Chaos
Blood Bowl Chaos Edition

Goal 6:
Continue to grow this Blog and help promote the Oldhammer movement. This Blog has grown larger and quicker then I expected with over 20k views in a rather short time and viewed by people in 62 countries. So I'd to thank everyone who reads this Blog and a extra thanks to those which either promotes this Blog and/or comments/views of a regular bases.

Well boys and boys with manboobs i'll leave you with one last picture:


  1. Well done Chico! But no close ups of the whole collection of minis painted this year?

    1. Everything I painted this year is on the Blog or the forum already, plus i don't have the space to show 500 figures in one lot heh (And yes I counted its just below 500 figures in 12 months :O ).

  2. 500 figures! No wonder your photos are always blurry!

    1. Heh, 180 were BfSP Night Goblins which took only 2 weeks to batch paint so not as great a number as it sounds lol


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