Monday, 30 December 2013

Chaos Squats: The Repaint

So I got fed of of paint the Red/Black/Orange scheme for my Chaos Squats and so they ended up in the Dettol, weeks later I've started the repaint.

These are far from a perfect paint job but I'm going for a Tabletop paint job with the aim of a high contrast at a distance. Plus a nice dirty/grimy paint job is always more forgiving.

2 Chaos Squats on the left, and 2 normal on the right


  1. They look good. The change of direction was a wise one as it turn's out, I reckon.

    1. Thanks,this way the Chaos and Normal Squats happen to like they belong in the same force.

  2. It's a good move, I changed my colour scheme as it was too fiddly. They are looking good. :)
    I like the bases, might I recommend the odd Autumn leaf as well?


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