Tuesday, 30 July 2013

They are gathering in numbers

Full Warband painted so far; 

24 Skeletons under the command of The Wight Sir Boney the Black, Vampire ''The Rotten prince'' and a Liche known simply as ''The Forgotten'' Also finished is 2 Night Riders.

Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster

Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster

Painted by: Paul Whittaker / Orclord

The first version of the Lichemaster was released as part of a set supporting the Warhammer scenarios Terror of the Lichemaster / Vengeance of the Lichemaster . It was sculpted by Aly Morrison and was only briefly available. The second was sculpted by Gary Morley and was released in the mid 1990s. Both are now OOP.

One of the oldest undead characters in WFB, having been the subject of two scenarios for the earliest Editions of WFB: Terror of The Lichmaster (a boxed set for 2nd ed in 1986 complete with card buildings) and in an edition of the Citadel Journal in a three way fight with Skaven and warrior monks of Taal as his enemies (called "The Battle for La Maisontaal"). There was also Lichemaster for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) in 1990 and a scenario for Warmaster that returned to the theme of this battle of "La Maisontaal". More recently (White Dwarf 309) he appeared for later versions in Return of the Lichemaster.
Kemmler was a master Necromancer, leading huge legions of the undead, with his own court of ambitious apprentices. As they grew they became rivals and one day attacked their master. Kemmler fled them, nearly breaking his body and mind in the process. For years he wandered the World's Edge Mountains on the run, until he stumbled upon the tomb of Krell, a powerful champion of Chaos in life, and later returned to Undeath by Nagash himself to become a 'Dark Lord of Nagash'. Krell was defeated after Sigmar's banishing of his master and entombed in a secret location. There Kemmler struck a pact with the Chaos gods to restore his power in return for spreading death and destruction in their name. They also granted him Krell as a gift—a powerful Wight Lord accomplice and bodyguard. Now the name of the Lichemaster once again strikes fear into the hearts of mortals, though with the shadowy hand of Nagash guiding them from behind the scenes...
A Recent event involving the two was the infamous battle at La Masiontaal Abbey where a Bretonnian monk stole a warpstone artifact from Skavenblight, home of the ratmen. Kemmler seeing the warpstone as potentially being very helpful in his own sorceries attacked the monk's home abbey at the same time as the Skaven did, seeking to take back their property. With the arrival of Bretonnian reinforcements the famous three-way battle ended with the Skaven taking their property back and Kemmler driven off by the knights of Bretonnia.
Even more recent was the 'Winter of Woe', a campaign against the Wood Elves where Kemmler tried to harness the power of the ancient standing stones in their woodland home. Attacking during winter, when the gods incarnate of the Wood Elves were in hibernation, gave the Necromancer great advantage over his living foes. Thanks to the assistance the famous treeman Druthu and other native spirits of the wood, the Necromancer was driven off, but not before causing serious damage to the forest. He returned to life later in history and a zombie horde led by him besieged castle Reikland only to be this time thwarted by the Dwarf Slayer Gotrek Gurnisson and his human companion Felix Jaegar.

A gift from the Chaos gods to Heinrich Kemmler, Krell was once a Chaos warrior, and now he serves the Lichemaster in a terrible mockery of life. More fearsome now than he was in life, Krell serves as Kemmler's bodyguard.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Skeleton Chariot - Oldhammer Forum August painting challege

So, the August painting challenge on the Oldhammer Forum is coming up and i've lumped to so a rather large project for it, namely the classic Skeleton Chariot:

Its now having a nice little swim in a bath of Dettol along with a 2nd crew member, Mr Longhorn.

When first released it came with a choice of crew, Including a Liche and a Skeleton called Screamer. There was also a short story.

Image and story borrowed from Realm of Chaos Blog

Longhorn stood looking over the ruined parapet. The chill wind ruffled his surcoat, whistling eerily between his ribs.

'Still coming?' the voice belonged to Screamer, one of his companions-at-arms.

'See for yourself.' A black column stretched frorn the horizon to a mile away. like an army of ants one the move.

'Here,' said Screamer, struck by a sudden thought, 'We can talk, right?'

'Yes.' sighed Longhorn. He hated it when Screamer had one of his sudden thoughts.

'And we can see them, right?' Longhorn nodded.



'We're Skeletons. right? No eyes, no eardrums, no vocal cords - but we can see, heat and talk. -Makes you think, doesn't it?'

'I try not to think. There's too damn many contradictions to being Undead. Let's see what Morbius is up to.' Anything was better than Screamer waxing philosophical.

They found their leader in one of the larger chambers, which was fitted out as a workroom. Books, scrolls and spell ingredients littered the floor and several tables, and the Liche was poring over a mouldering parchment.

'Yes, I know they're getting closer, and yes, I know there's lots and lots of them: he said without looking up. 'I'm working on it. So why don't you get to your units and make sure your side of things is ready eh? They should be here in about an hour.'

Precisely an hour later, the mortal army was drawn up before the fortress. Longhorn and Screamer stood in the courtyard with their units, along with Reaper and Hellblade, the other two captains. The gates had begun to quiver under the impact of a ram.

'You know,' remarked Reaper to no-one in particular, 'Being dead already doesn't make this any easier. And where's Morbius? That gate looks like giving any minute.'

'Yes, but how can we see it giving?' asked Screamer.

'Give it a rest, will you? sneered Hellblade, hefting his runesword. 'Just be happy we can and concentrate on keeping your bones together.'

As he spoke, the gates collapsed. Screamer and Hellblade broke into a charge, moving their units to block the gateway while Longhorn's troops covered the flanks and Reaper's held the parapet, pouring arrows and rocks onto the mortal heads beneath.The battle was deadlocked for nearly an hour. The Undead forces were almost halved, but for each Skeleton destroyed four mortals had run screaming away. Then a robed figure appeared from the inner fortress.

'Ah, Morbius.' Yelled Reaper from atop a pile of Elven heads, 'So glad you could drop in. Have a nice kip, did you?'

Ignoring him, the Cache chanted over a pile or shattered bones. and a grey-white mist rose from the ground. When it cleared. the bones fused weirdly into some kind of catapult.Three armoured Skeletons began to work the machine furiously, loading it with skulls. As the skulls hailed down, the mortals broke, trampling their fellows underfoot in their panic.

'I must admit,' remarked Longhorn as they pursued the fleeing mortals, 'That was one of Morbius' better ideas.'

'And here comes another one of his better ideas,' said Screamer, pointing behind with his spear. A two-horse chariot of fused Dragon-bone had driven out of the fortress, and was gaining on them rapidly.

'Here Morbius,' called Screamer as the chariot passed, 'How is it we can see and hear and...'

'Not now, Screamer.'

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Inspiring Undead Part 1

While painting my new Undead Warband i've been looking at some other people wonderful armies from the Blood/Oldhammer Forum. Hope the owners don't mind me posting these but they have been a massive help when doing my own Undead.

First up is Bug16's wonderful Undead (More here):

Next up is Weazil's amazing Undead (More here):

Last is Pil's dark and massive host (More here)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Winter is COMING!

So as some of you know I've been buying up quite a large chunk of peoples spare Undead and today I can show you the work so far.

Yes the photos could be better, but I'm lacking an auto focus or macro.

As you can see I've gone for a scheme much like Bug's for the dark and gritty feel, part of the reason for the scheme/snow bases is that my Wife is a massive Game of Thrones fan so the whole ''White Walkers'' look and scheme helped to sooth her after starting yet another Army/Warband.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Undead.. they beckon me..

So once again i have started yet another project this time it's the Walking and Rotting ones.. No i'm not referring to people from Luton but rather the Undead cue evil laugh.

What about my Fimir i hear you ask! Have no fear the Fimir will be continued to be worked upon and not only that Mr Fimm from that wonderful blog Games Orkshop has started sculpting Not-Fimir or Marsh Daemons which i have to say look great and will be after many of them :)

Fimm's WIP greens (Hope you don't mind me posting this Fimm :) )
That's it for now until next time, play safe and don't drop the soap..

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Too hot too paint..

Right i haven't done much on the painting front these last few days dew to the bloody weather, it's been far too hot to bother to sit down for long hours but i have managed to paint something.

This Saturday I sat around a friends flat and painted up his Cypher, The Fallen Angel. Payment was supplied in a form of a small plastic bag contained a specimen of  a Xeno plant ;)

Quite happy with how he turned out, still WIP though.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Making a little bit of money

Now I'm always looking for a way to get a little extra Wargaming budget each month and dew to being unemployed the budget isn't that large to start with.

So anyway awhile ago (2011) I used to use a site called GiftHulk to make some extra funds, in total I made around £50 in around 6 weeks by now and again watching the odd 30 second Videos and doing the odd survey, not too bad since I'm on the Net messing around anyway.

So yesterday i received an email from Gifthulk stating that I never redeemed a prize (£5 Paypal) from way back then and would i like too. Anyway I started checking out the site again after it had a massive facelift and  I started it up again.

So I thought I'd share it all with you, its not for everyone and its more a marathon to get funds then a sprint, but I do have to say it suits my needs.

If you're interested in earning a few quid or a number of other rewards, such as Amazon/Itune gift cards then check it out and its 100% free.

GiftHulk Link: