Thursday, 19 June 2014

Dead Man's Hand - ACW ''Bushwackers''

So after last weeks DMH review (Seen Here) I'm now 100% addicted to DMH. Now there is a small problem and that's none of the 8 gangs are um... affordable (£20 for 7 figures, almost £3 a figure).

So doing what I do best and that's been be cheap and theme everything I came up with a idea while getting my Outlaw gang shot up by the Sheriffs (Never seen so many 19's rolled).

Anyway I wanted my Outlaw gang to be Confederate Deserters or Bushwackers (Confederate Guerrillas/Sympathizers, Union ones were called Jayhawkers).

After asking around I was directed to these by Company D Miniatures:

£15  for 10 including postage.

Now on a massive stroke of luck this months issue of Wargames Illustrated number 320 has a 7 page article about using ACW in DMH and even includes a number of new cards to use :D

This edition of Wargames Illustrated features a 7 page article on incorporating ACW guerillas into the game. There are three scenes covering Bushwhackers and Jayhawkers with profiles, special rules and additional cards (you'll need to scan these from the mag and print to card) for using the gangs.
I'll end on saying this game is very much in the Oldhammer Spirit and very characterful, highly recommend to you all :)


  1. Great deal, and a good find.

    1. Yeah can't wait to get my hands on them,been awhile since I've done anything non-sci-fi/fan :)

  2. Have you seen these

    1. Saw these over of LAF in a Fistful of lead thread. They are rather tasty but limited for my needs. But knowing me I'll end up getting some anyway heheh


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