Friday, 6 June 2014

Space Dwarves Scale shots

A few months ago after ordering  both the Blacktree Design Space Dwarves and the Black Hat Miniatures Dverg I was asked by Goblin Lee to take some scale shots.

Anyway today I got my BTD order so here for you use and enjoyment a few scale shots:

Iron Claw, BTD, Chaos Squat, Dverg

BTD & Iron Claw
Chaos Squat & Dverg
As you can see they scale rather well and the Dverg are just stunning. Get some or I shall molest you long time!

Just before I go, I like to mention that 70 years ago today (6th June 1944) brave men and women gave there lives for us to live free as D Day started. We may play at War but they lived it.. Primo Victoria!


  1. I was unaware of BTD or Black Hat squats (newly returned to the hobby), so this is great! Thanks for the scale shots.

    1. No worries mate. The BTD ones are ex-Harlequin stock so been around since 1994, the Black Hat Dwerg came out in 2007 with a initial release of 3 figures and get when Black Hat bought the moulds they grown the range too 10 :)

  2. Chico, what is your opinion of the Hasslefree Grymn miniatures. I think they are good Squat substitutes, but don't have the old guy, biker look of the others.


    1. The Grymn are nice little sculpts like most figures Kev White does. They don't blend in with any other ''Not-Squat'' ranges though, as a stand alone force with Ramshackle Games tanks would look rather nice. It's also a rather large range rivalling even Bob Olleys Scrunt range (Before it was sold off)

  3. Excellent, thank you for taking the scale shots. :)

    The BTD look a little bulkier than the Citadel ones, but fine with the Iron Claw ones and so nothing too problematic for mixing them. Very similar in style with the Flak armour.

    The Black Hat look a little larger than both, but excellent detailing, although I am less sure on the style of sculpting. Some of them look more 2nd Edition and Troll Slayer-esque.

    On reflection the BTD would be a good alternative option, and they look like they have good possibilities for conversions.

    1. The BTD are the largest of the normal troopers out of the 4 ranges with very bulky backpacks, The BH Heavy Weapon troopers are biggest of the lot though as your'd expect from a Heavy Weapon carrier.The normal BH troopers are in the middle of Citadel & Iron Claw in size which in reflection I should have taken a picture of the troopers too heh.


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