Saturday, 27 December 2014

100k Views! Hurrah!

As of last night Oldhammer on a Budget, the finest Budget style Oldhammer Blog ticked over 100k views.

A few facts for you lovable followers (All 148 of you plus you sneaky lurkers)

317 Posts have been made.
148 Minions have been gathered.
102 Countries has viewed this Blog.
This Blog was started in May 2012
I like Bacon
1192 Comments (Minus Spam) have been left.
I get some damn random search keywords directed to this Blog (Most dew to Goats & Rape Demons).
Buy me some Bacon
Any Blog that links to me I try and link back
Type Oldhammer into Google and this Blog shows up 4th

What a wild 18 months this has been and I don't foresee this Blog slowing down anytime soon! So many thanks to everyone to made it so!


  1. Congratulations! 100K is a real achievement given how new your blog is (and how niche our hobby is). I'm someone who has recently started my own blog... what do you think contributed to your success? Any advice?

    1. Post often, that way you get regular traffic plus link other Blogs in your side bar and hopefully others will do the same and your'll get the cross traffic.

      Best advice though and that's just be yourself and have a laugh while doing it and try not to worry about view or followers too much.

    2. Great advice - thanks! I have been having a lot of fun with my blog. The Oldhammer community is super-nice.

  2. Lucky they don't count how many times I've viewed you on the toilet. That would be a very... incriminating number.

    1. And most creepy comment of 2014 goes too.. Heh

    2. The year isn't over yet old boy... not... over... yet... *heavy breathing*

  3. Congratulations. Keep up the good work.


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