Sunday, 4 January 2015

WhFB3 3K Undead for Sale/Trade

Once again another Sale/Trade post,

Righto before these go on Ebay I'll offer them here:

Fully Painted 3k Undead force:

2 Undead Hero's (one is a Harlequin sculpt)
10 Deathriders (5 Citadel, 4 Grenadier, 1 Ral Partha) 
10 Skeleton crossbows with champion 
10 Skeleton archers with champion
19 Grimreapers with Command
1 Ral Partha Undead Ogre
29 Skeletons with Command
Plague Cart
Skull Chucker

I would like to get as much as I can for them to help pay for a new Boiler and/or a few scary bills

Or if wanting trade (Stop me spending my bill money on toys) I'm after:

Blood Bowl 3rd Ed Box set + Expansion
Blood Bowl Chaos
Citadel Judge Dredd 
Mounted 3rd Ed Dark Elves
Unreleased Squats
SoD/LatD books

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