Sunday, 1 November 2015

For Sale: Necromunda Ratskin Gang

Whelp the culling of the collections continue, a late spring clean or just making room for Xmas/New Years sales I haven't made my mind up hehe.


So earlier in the year I sold off my Ratskins then ended up getting them given back to me as the chap lost interest in weird exchange involving painting time and beer.

Now I'm trying to sell them off again, I still don't need the buggers heh.

So £65 gets you the following:

2 Chief's
Brakar the Avenger
6 Ratskins
3 Braves
Original Box (Tatty but serviceable)

UK based postage extra, international postage will cost alot so please bear this in mind.

So if interested Email/PM me on the various Oldhammer places or comment here.

Thanks for looking

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