Sunday, 9 June 2019

Sad times and a Hobby clear out

So long time no type.

So what spurned this Blog post?

Well on the 17th of May my beloved cat Inky unexpectedly passed away during the night and it happened to be on my Wedding Anniversary as well for that added drama.

I'm looking to get both a memorial plaque and tattoo done to honour the little bugger as honestly that cat got me though some very bad times (Such as the news I'm losing my eyesight, facial nerve damage and the rockiness of a new marriage too name a few).

So with this mind it'll cost a fair chunk of change so I have listed many a hobby item on Ebay:

So please check out what I'm selling and/or have a offer or 2 and hopefully I can get the funds I'm after.

EDIT: There is now a GoFundMe set up if you wish to help - Remembering Inky

Thanks for reading and enjoy whats left of the weekend.



  1. Sorry for your loss. I've lost a few cats and it always feels terrible. If it's any consolation passing away suddenly is probably better than lingering on with a chronic illness requiring anxiety provoking vet visits =/

  2. Sorry about your cat, bru. Hope the good times stick with you, I’ll check out your ill-gotten wares now too.

    1. Thanks, hope you spot something you fancy.


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