Sunday, 7 July 2013

Too hot too paint..

Right i haven't done much on the painting front these last few days dew to the bloody weather, it's been far too hot to bother to sit down for long hours but i have managed to paint something.

This Saturday I sat around a friends flat and painted up his Cypher, The Fallen Angel. Payment was supplied in a form of a small plastic bag contained a specimen of  a Xeno plant ;)

Quite happy with how he turned out, still WIP though.


  1. Don't tell me it's too hot to paint. Here in Virginia, it was hotter at 10pm last night than yesterday's high in London! And in ask that, it wasn't too hot for me to paint ;)

  2. But what you seem to forget is A your used to the heat and your body has aclaimatised and B we don't have AC's built into every house/store/bar/fat persons scooter :P


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