Monday, 19 June 2017

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Boromites Pt.5: Rock Father & Overseer Squads

Two Blog posts in one week and both Gates related, aren't you all lucky pluckers (Don't say that too fast mind).

With progress stillcontinuing on my Boromites in preparation for the Gates Open Day at Warlord Games HQ on the 1st of July.

Now bear in mind I'm not sure of what I'll be using in terms of a list so I'm just painting up everything I own and seeing what people I can find for a game or 2 on the day.

So today's offerings:

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Boromites Pt.4: Gang Fighters and Army Shot

Welcome Sinners, Minions, Bots and other unwashed masses once again to the dark dank area of the interwebs known simply as Oldhammer on a Budget.

So if you remember I'm working on a Gates force which will be used in the upcoming Open Day at Warlord Games HQ.

Since it's only just over 2 weeks away I need to pull my finger out and finish the last dozen or so Boromites and Drones.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Bolt Action: Free French - Reinforcements

Bonjour, je suis votre amical Chico amical et bienvenue chez OoaB.


I happen too speak the language of Google Translation with the best of them!

Heh, moving on I've finally finished off all my stock piled Free French and/or French Foreign Legion for Bolt Action.

You can view the greater part of the force HERE

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Bolt Action Open Day - 5th August

On the 5th of August my local games Club Watford Wargames are running a Bolt Action Open Day.

Opening Time: 10am-6pm

Location: Watford Wargames, South Oxhey

Including the following:

Intro Games - Learn to play while the beloved Dad's Army try and stop the Germans rampaging though Walmington-on-Sea
Pitched Battles + Campaign themed games - Up to the players to sort themselves out.
Open Tables - For any gaming/painting use.

£5 fee per person 

Hope to see you there, ta ta for now

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Horus Heresy: Fulgrim the Illuminator

Good morning loyal readers and fellow Heretics.

Another random post this but I've kind of gotten my Sci Fi Bug back again and have been painting lasercannons and pew pew stuff (Technical terms those).

Anyway you may remember way back in June last year I posted some Emperor's Children.

Since then they were gathering dust unloved. But by chance while rooting though my Lead Pile I came across something I forgot I had (Happens alot).

A limited run (300) Kabuki Models not-Fulgrim.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Blog!!

Dark Future Cake?.. Almost? Ok maybe not.
Wow so it turns out this wee little Bloggy is now 4 years old!

So it's time to party! Oldhammer style.. so Party like it's 1989!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Back of Beyond - Chinese Painted Pt.6 (Army Shot)

Welcome Readers, Minions & Future Bot Overlords.

We have reached Pt.6.. Yes! 6!

So while I have been painting up other projects (Some of which will be posted soon) I haven't stopped painting my beloved Nationalist Chinese.

I would say I'm not 80% towards total completion.. not that any force is really complete.

So pictures!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Bolt Action - Winter Soviets

Welcome comrades to the glorious Red Army.


Ok, so I was sorting out my Soviets after a game and I thought unlike my other WW2 forces I have yet to show any of these on here.

So here's my completed Soviet force so far, as always these are just the painted ones. The unpainted ones can stay hidden hehe.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Boromites Pt.3: Work Gang & Lavamites

Greetings loyal followers and new readers.

Today I continue my progress into the Worlds of the Antares Gates and more accurately my Boromite Clan.

Clan Thanor formally of Guild Rantide:

Being ejected from their Guild by the Guildess for failure to heed to the Matriarch nature of Boromite society, they have since turned to the unsavoury act of Pirates, Bandits and Mercs. 
Hiring themselves out to both the Freeborn and the many million worlds of the Determinate.

After being ejected the outcast members of the Clan have undergone gene-therapy to enhance their skin colours to a brighter hue to reflect their new life and distance themselves from the still loyal members of the Guild.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Boromites Pt.2 - Test Paint Scheme

Afternoon loyal readers and Bots, can't forget you after all, when the Machines rise up remember I said Hi and I'm willing to sell out the Human Population hard... Aham..

So after the last post discussing bases (Part 1) I decided they were to large and switched over to the lipped bases. While only a few MM smaller they do look much better.

Warlord Games also got back to me about my missing Boromite Work Gang heads so hopefully they'll come in the post too before too long.

Speaking of Warlord Games I may or may not have placed a order while on the site for the Hardback Rulebook + free £20 Box and the Boromite Dice Bag + Dice.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Boromites Pt.1

Well I went and did it didn't I?

Yep another game for me to spend money on!

So if you remember from this POST I was ummming and eerrring on what race I should do (If I did of course start the game).

So Boromite's won out by simply being nice chunky metals over annoying multi-part plastic kits.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Back of Beyond - Chinese Painted Pt.5

'ello readers we are now are Part 5 of the ongoing BoB WW2 Chinese Nationalist force.

You can view the first 4 posts below:

So despite the musing over the Blog's name and direction I've been busy painting (Nothing changes there).

So what's new?

I've mostly been painting the Levy (Free Squad in Bolt Action for all flavours of Chinese), but also knocked out 2 Cav and 2 Big Sword's and a Bodyguard.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Time for a new name?

So as this Blog is now almost reaching both 4 years old and a half million views (Bots!, Bloody Bots I tell Ya!) I'm pondering a Blog name change to reflect on it's now more open/random nature of my posts.

When I first started this it was all about Oldhammering on a ummm budget, hence the rather simple naming decision.

As it currently stands I'm not that attached/involved in the scene anymore having done everything my nostalgia wanted. So there isn't much 'hammering let alone old.

So should I change the name?

What should I change it too?

Or should I stay with the name and pay homage to the roots of which it came from?


Whats your thoughts?

Ta Ta for now.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Back of Beyond - Chinese Painted Pt.4

'Ello loyal readers of OoaB today we have Part 4 of my ongoing Chinese Nationalist BoB/Bolt Action Force.

You can view the first 3 posts below:

Right now you are all caught up I have a fairly large update for your pleasure, so go get a cup of Tea or park your cheeks on the Toilet.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Shall I?

So whats all this then eh?

Well a number of people on my Bloggy List have been posting up bits and a pieces from Beyond the Gates of Antares (You know who you are!) and it's been tempting me to maybe dip my toe in the Sci-Fi waters once more.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Bolt Action - Operation Sealion/Dad's Army

So as you might know Warlord Games are releasing a Campaign book for Bolt Action  based on the ''What could have happened'' British Invasion code-named Operation Sea Lion.

The year is 1940, and the German invasion of Britain has begun. With this new campaign book for Bolt Action, players can fight the battles of World War II's greatest 'what if' scenario. Defend the cliffs of Dover and the beaches of Kent from wave after wave of German landing craft. Parachute into the Home Counties in a surgical strike to capture Winston Churchill. Rally the Home Guard in a last, desperate attempt to keep England free of the Nazi invaders! Containing new rules, scenarios, and unit types covering all of the unique features of this alternate history campaign, it offers a chance for all Bolt Action players to truly rewrite the history of World War II.

Now seeing as last years Bring Out Your Lead hosted at Foundry I picked up more or less the full set of Foundry's Home Guard it was due time I got working on them again.

I already had one section finished so I already had a good start.

Anyway enough talking I'm sure you want to see some pictures, being me shite pictures but whatcha expect? hehe

Monday, 3 April 2017

Konflikt '47 - German Waffen SS ''Terror Squad''

'Ello my loyal OoaB readers.

Now I've mentioned K'47 a fair few times on this Blog but have never shown you any finished units.

Well today I bring forth the first completed unit:

Waffen SS ''Terror Squad''

This Terror Squad is made up from members of the 33rd Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Charlemagne (1st French).

Armed with a number of unsual weapons like the Gustloff VG 1-5 assault rifle, Krummlauf assault rifle (fires around corners!) &  Luftfaust hand-held anti-aircraft rocket launchers.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Back of Beyond - Chinese Painted Pt.3

Good Morning Vietnam!


China is close enough right?

It isn't Morning?

Bollocks to you!

So it's been 15 days since the last WW2/BoB Chinese update (Blog post HERE) and the force was just starting to look like something other than a random collection of figures, now though it's almost a small gaming force.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Bolt Action: German Winter Wehrmacht

So the last Blog Post I showed you all my WW2 Winter German Armour, now here's the the Wehrmacht Infantry to go with it.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Bolt Action: German Armour

In July last year I posted up a Blog post showing off my German force for BA/K'47.

Now I wasn't happy with it and I ended up paint stripping them and separating the force into two, a K'47 army which also serves as a BA Last Levy force with changing up the units (Remove Volksstrum & add in Heavy Armoured Inf or vice versa) pictures of those to come.

The 2nd force were turned into a Ostfront Mid-Late War Winter force.

Today I finished the last but of Armour in the form of a Stummel.

So here's all the Armour done:

Sunday, 19 March 2017

A Random Gift Unboxing

Heh while the above picture would indeed be a rather random gift.

That's not what I'm on about right now,

You see a good friend of mine and opponent (Well was anyway) gave up the hobby in the new year due to ill health.

He sent me a picture which you can see below asking if I was interested as it was the last of his stuff and knew me well enough to know I love my free toys.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Back of Beyond - Chinese Painted Pt.2

Good Morning/Afternoon my loyal OoaB'ers!

New week & a new post (Yes I know it's Wednesday but I didn't want to post too early and flood you with my awesomeness).

So carrying on with the BoB Chinese and it's starting to look like a force.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Back of Beyond - Chinese Painted Pt.1

'Ello loyal readers, today I bring you pictures of some painted toys.

These were great fun to paint and I have to say it I'm loving painting on a Grey Primer (Halfords for the record).

So want to see them?


Ok that was harsh, sad now.

Sod it here's some pics anyway!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Back of Beyond - Chinese Prep Work Begins

What? Whats this?

Yes your eyes aren't deceiving you!

It's another post!

Damn you lot are lucky, wish I got to look at drivel such as this and blurry pics like you loyal OoaB readers get too!

Anyway now my ego can't fit though the door it's time for the post.

So my deal came in the post from  LAF, 27 Chinese Nationalists (25 Copplestone, 2 Pulp).

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