Friday, 25 August 2017

Warhammer 40k: The 17th Traitor Mech Reborn - Pt.1

Welcome loyal readers to the start of a new old project.

A decade ago now I had a army that I sold to a friend which I have always regretted selling since: A Forgeworld Renegade Guard force complete with Tanks, Transports and all the odd bits like Chaos Ogryns.

Now when I got married 6 years ago as a present one of the tanks from that army was given back to me as a weddinggift, a Super Heavy Malcador Defender.

Sadly with me not playing 40k it was forgotten about and stored with a couple of other Forgeword Tanks (Which were used with my old 'Stealer Cult, which will be joining this new force too hehe) and it survived the selling purges somehow.

But Wednesday it come out to play:

Can you spot it hiding on the left?

But anyway using it again made me miss my old Guard force the 17th Traitor Mech.


New army time then, version 2 if you will.

So I grabbed out my my box of Cultists that I use for Necromunda weapons and conversion fodder and put together some.

Something that hasn't changed since back then is my love of a unique army which a large number of conversions.

Every Cultist/Guardmen is converted in someway, even if that's something minor like packs and extra skulls all the way up too head and limb swaps. 

I also set myself the challenge of speed painting these, no more then 20-30mins total each as I'll have over 100 of these to paint and I don't want to spend a year painting bloody plastic Cannon Fodder.

To save more time they are all having resin bases too, expensive but I hate basing and they look great.

Well that's ya lot for now, thanks for looking and as always comments welcome :)


  1. These are cool, Chico. Subtle but damn effective conversions!

  2. O dear... that would be like me starting my Squats again. Well, so far they look spiffy mate. The Defender was a sweet ride, sold mine but miss it loads.

    1. Oh the Squats, lost count how many times I've both started and abandoned them :-/. The Defender from what I've read sucked in the last few editions but the last edition I was active playing was 5th. Now though with 8th not having weapon arcs they rule.. 21 Heavy Bolter Shots, 3 Stubber shots a Demolisher Cannon doing either D3 or D6 hits depending on target. Pure sexeh!


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