Monday, 14 August 2017

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Ghar Rebels Pt.2: Black Guard

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For those interested Part 1 can be read HERE.

Right anyway on with the show, this month I decided to join in with the Beyond the Gates of Antares (IMTel) pages Hobby Pledge for Charity ran by the Primus Shard and it's a chance to win £20 worth of toys.


The 1st of August is here, and that means painting competition time!. The first ever instance of the Primus Shard Monthly Painting Raffle, which will be kicking off with the ever important Tactical choice!

This is intended to be a way of encouraging everyone to try and paint some of their army a little more by offering up the chance to win a prize; any Antares items up to a total value of £20.

Interested in taking part? How does this competition work? To enter, just do the following:

1) Post a photo of the tactical unit you’re planning to paint (preferably unpainted, but even a little painted will be ok) to this thread.

2) Just before the end of the month a post will be done again, asking you for a photo of that very same unit painted(and based). The unit only needs to be painted to your own personal standard (we all paint differently after all!). So long as you can honestly say ‘this unit is finished’ you have the chance to win!

3) When you submit your finished picture, tell us also what Antares item you would like to the value of £20. It can be a combination of blister packs, terrain parts or a box of troops( Naturally it has to be a released product) and we will send it out to you!

****Also, for every person who takes part in August and submits a completed unit, we will be donating £2 to the Primus Shard charity event coming up 9th September!****

At the end of the month I’ll collect all the names of people who’ve completed their unit and put them in a dice bag, We will do a video to showcase the units that were submitted and draw the name from the dice bag!

Happy painting!

Bring your faction. Join the fight!

So my entry was 10 Rebel Ghar Black Guards, a large squad but one which needed to be done and were fun to paint also.

Now as I have posted about before HERE The Gates of Antares Boot Camp Event is less than a month away and I was planning on taking my Boromite's but as I haven't really been jelling well with them (Great minis but not quite my playstyle) I've now decided I'll take my Ghar Rebels instead.

Trouble is it's mostly unpainted so I need to pull my finger out and get painting.

So with that in mind next up:

A Creeper and Fartok, plus I've ordered another couple of Weapon Teams.

Lots too do, so that't it for now.

Ta Ta!


  1. These are fantastic, mate! You should be really pleased with them. That colour scheme is superb and they practically glow with malignant life!

    1. Thank you mate, usual place for me to send ya cheque too? hehe ;)

  2. Fartok seems to be an unfortunate name.

    Love the Black Guard though! That orange-yellow really stands out well.

    Good luck meeting the deadline!

    1. Aye good ol' Farty, gas attacks do wonders in Gates ;) Deadline shouldn't be a problem I hope :)


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