Tuesday, 15 August 2017

KR Multicases - Budget Storage/Transporting Review(ish)

Now this really isn't going to be a true review of sorts but rather just me rambling on for a bit and no doubt teaching you to suck eggs.

So for many years (Read: 25) I've used GW hard plastic gaming cases as in part I was just lazy and didn't know much else. But for awhile now I really haven't been happy with them, they are big clunky beasts that take up far too much space (I have 12 GW cases ranging from the earlier generations to the massive double size army case).

Also their other main flaw though is cost, yep what else did you expect from a Blog with ''Budget'' in the title.

I'm a cheap bastard.

When I started gaming outside of the GW sphere I still used their cases as that's what I had and as the saying goes ''Waste not, Want not''.

Now my gaming has changed again and now focuses on Skirmish level games and travelling on public transport, so I'm not really in need of the giant heavy army cases anymore.

So I decided to take the punt awhile ago and see what else is out there.

I was staggered at the wealth of options out there now but in the end I went with the KR range (Bet you didn't see that coming, oh wait you read the title).

KR Multicase, based in the UK, sells relatively cheap foam trays and cases with free shipping. They have a variety of case types, ranging from cardboard to aluminium. 

They sell an extensive range of grid-layout trays, a few pick and pluck trays and a large range of custom pre-cut trays for games like 40k, Flames of War/TANKS and Dropship Commander. 

The manufacturers aim is to create a "durable, yet economic solution"

Cost wise for the smallest case (2 trays of 20 figures max) know as a Quarter Case starts at £12 but you can customise with various options from certain pre-cut foam for your X-wing fighters or such like too choice of foam colour (I went the standard blue as it's cheapest, but you can have pink foam if you wish).

A standard case can hold depending on trays selected of course a staggering 200 28mm figures, not too shabby.

They even do a range of bags and rucksacks but honestly they do seem a tad expensive for my tastes when you can just use any bag to do the job (Mine fit in a Tesco's Bag for Life, hobo style :) hehe).

Anyway, that's enough rambling for me, if your skill reading this what are yor views on KR and other brands of cases, what do you use?

Ta Ta for now!


  1. Have considered KR as an option, mainly as I'd heard on multiple podcasts (The Independent Characters Podcast being one) that they were excellent value for money and did their job well. But then Tabletoptyrant (Another UK based company) had a Kickstarter with their own card'n'foam option and at a discounted price, so went with a trio of those instead.
    They do the job well for budget cases, though I only have regular Companion 28mm fig foam inserts they still hold (I think) 32 each and thus far I've yet to see any of my precious minis damaged.
    When I travel to the UK next year, I'll be utilising them to transport a Bolt Action army so I can play a game or two whilst I am there. :)

    1. I'm really pleased with my KR cases so far, I have 2 Quarter Cases, 1 Half Case and I just ordered in a Standard Case with 1 side pluck foam and the other 4 25man trays. When you come to UK make sure to come over my way on a Wednesday night and we can get a game in :)

  2. Food for thought CD, I may well need to investigate this myself

    1. Everyone needs a few extra cases, so glad to point you in the right way.

  3. I've been meaning to get some new cases, space/storage is becoming an issue. Got a couple of KR cases some years back, they weren't bad for standard regiment infantry for whfb.

    I'd recently been looking at getting separate foam trays of various sizes and possibly some Really Useful Boxes for secure/sturdy storage, but not for carting around.

    Been looking for cheap pick and pluck for some of my larger figures, didn't know KR offered that now, will have to investigate, thanks for the heads up :)

    1. KR Foam trays by themselves seem a tad expensive which is odd but aye I just ordered a case which is half Pick and Pluck so hopefully it's good stuff.

  4. Its the eternal question for me, I have used Really Useful Boxes for storage, GW boxes, B&Q tool boxes for carrying and home made contraptions too. It would be nice to have a system that catered for it all though.
    Have looked at KR and they look to me about the best you can get. My mate has one of their large carrying bags too, expensive but nice looking.
    I'm a like you Chico, bit of a hobo when it comes to storage and transport but perhaps I aught to invest in the KR stuff?

    1. Chico the Wargaming Hobo hehe, if i had unlimited hobby budget I'd get the really nice carrying bags but alas my hobo bag for life will have to do. Plus when travelling on trains/buses people don't look at you strange by carrying large cases.


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