Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Warhammer 40k: Crimson Sons Warband

The Crimson Sons are a warband of Chaos Space Marines dedicated to the Chaos God Tzeentch that was originally formed by members of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion. 
The Crimson Sons warband was exiled by its Primarch Magnus the Red for aiding in the casting of the disastrous sorcerous ritual known as the Rubric of Ahriman. 
Despite this exile, the warband paid tribute to the Crimson King, their Primarch Magnus the Red, with their name and also by colouring their Power Armour a deep red.

Wow it's been awhile eh? 

Have I been busy?

 Nope, I just had a complete lack of hobby mojo and the bits I have finished being a smattering of Renegade Guardsmen.

Still yesterday I did have a hobby surge when I fancied trying out a new basing style I spotted on Miniwargaming Youtube channel... Cork.

Now I fecking hate basing, hate it and of late I have gone for resin bases to negate the problem but adds extra expence and added time waiting for them to be delivered unless you have a stock of them.

So I needed something to base and a quick rummage in my ''One day I'll paint these'' draw and I turned up 5 Thousand Son Marines from the end of the RT days and early 2nd Ed 40k.

Now I hate painting blue and yellow so the classic scheme wasn't going to happen so a wee look at the Wraith of Magnus book showed up these guys: The Crimson Sons.

Limited Fluff suits me and red and gold is in my wheel house so win/win!

Fairly happy with them, and not bad for just over a days painting. Could they be better? Sure but tabletop standard is always good enough for me.

Will I do anymore?

Maybe if I can get a bargain on some and I do quite like the modern versions too.. so maybe just maybe it could all fall into place.

Well that's it today, thanks for looking and C&C is always welcome.


  1. Nice, I like that sculpt too. I think it would blend in well with the later versions. The paint scheme is looking good, especially offset against the grey bases with the street markings. Good job finishing off a self contained little project in one go!

    1. Wouldn't say it's finished.. knowing me I have a habit of escalating projects rather quickly.

  2. They look smashing Chico, know what you men about bases :-)

    1. Aye I find bases tend to make the peoples armys either better or worse, trouble is I always suck at it.. it's like terrain it's just not my thing.

  3. Are these Rubric marines too? You know, the dusty spirits trapped inside their armour?

    I like the scheme. Very pre-heresy.

    1. They are Rubric's as they are Thousand Sons but a sub faction/Warband off.


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