Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Hükk Bounty Hunter Mercenary

Welcome back to dank dark underweb of my pit, hope you had a good holiday and got to stuff many a turkey.

So this year like most my other half was working thoughout so I left alone for hours on end.. So whats a Chico too do?

Yuppers, you guessed it: look at por... I mean paint, honest.

First to be finished is Hükk Bounty Hunter Mercenary and his wee pets.

Honestly I wasn't really feeling these sculpts when painting as they were just too ummm alien.

But happily they seem to have come together in the end.

Painting was rather simple with a Halfords Grey Primer undercoat washed with Vallejo Black Wash which was highlight by Army Painter Uniform Grey.

The guns, equipment & bases (And nodes) were all painted  the standard way all my Gates are for that uniform look.

Last of all was all the spots which were Army Painter Pale Flesh.

So rather quick post today but thanks for looking and until next time,

Ta Ta for now.


  1. They look smashing Chico, am with you "on own" bit, Mrs Daxio was on shifts every day till today, no fun :-(

    1. Plenty of painting time, but I find that in this cold weather I really struggle to get much done due to longer drying times and washes seem to be needing babysitting to stop going shiney

  2. Nice to see you added your ginger pubes to the bases. (;

    1. Na I used some of your ''Midlife Crisis'' silly Lemmy side burns hair.

  3. They'll do. Nice to have some creepy alien scum mercs on your side.

    And ginger pubes apparently. Mine are all going salt n pepper. Sad.


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