Thursday, 7 September 2017

Warhammer 40k: The 17th Traitor Mech Reborn - Pt.3 Thunder Seige Tank + More Guard

Welcome old and new members alike to Pt.3 of the 17th Traitor Mech army build.

Todays Blog post is about one of my favourite things, Tanks!

As most people know I'm a Treadhead and love seeing my armoured behemoths grinding down the battlefield crushing all before their armoured might.. Ahem, sorry I had a special moment there...

So here's the first Traitor Tank done:

Thunder Seige Tank

So lets talk about how 8th Edition effects how this big boy plays:


  • Grinding Advance - The Demolisher Cannon doesn't suffer the -1 to hit
  • No Damage Table - So no lucky hit taking out the main weapon or immobilising him somewhere the short range weapon couldn't see or be in range.
  • 13 Wounds - 1 higher then a Leman Russ.
  • Rule of cool - It looks fecking amazing and it's a Forgeworld kit so giving me a massive... err nevermind.


  • Only 1 weapon - With no side sponsers it lacks punch.
  • No Pie Plates - 8th Ed has gotten rid of the template, meaning it now lacks unit killing as it's either D3 or D6 hits depending on unit size.
  • Expensive - For his points/Power Level it is rather high costed.

Honestly though painting wise I didn't really enjoy it, it was already part finished in the case and all I done was add a crew and finished it off (Giggity).

I also finished off some more Traitor Guard/Cultists, again speed painting them as I have far too many of the gits too do.

That's you lot for now, but this weekend I'm at Warlord HQ for a Gates event so expect a photo dump or 2 early next week.


  1. Well I can see why you love your tanks, it looks amazing, I love earthy dark models, nice fella :-)

    1. Taaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!!!! *Breaths* Why yes, good sir I do love them so :)

  2. Looks good. They are really coming together as a comprehensive force.

    1. Spanks mate, I'm sure theres a joke here.. somewhere... comes.

  3. Goodness that tank looks dead good mate. Love the grittiness of the thing and how last months news it looks.

    Cultists are some more coolness, speed painting working well here.


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