Saturday, 30 September 2017

Warhammer 40k: The 17th Traitor Mech Reborn - Pt.7 Renegade Militia, Malefic Lord & Cult Leman Russ

As promised in yesterdays short post I'll be doing a fairly large update post today.

It surprised me just how much I had painted since Pt.5.

Happily I'm still enjoying working on this force even though it's bloody annoying that I'm relying on Ebay and Trade Pages to get my bits for low enough prices (Forgeworld while lovely is fecking expensive even 2nd hand).

Right enough bellyaching it's time for some piccys.

Up first is 3 Renegade Sergeants/Enforcers. These torsos along with 10 Militia torsos I ended up nabbing on Hersey Trading on FB for an Ok(ish) price.

My Necromunda/40K bits box along with the Frostgrave Gnoll sprue equppied them nicely.

Next is the first of my Malefic Lords, a Rogue Psyker which can get Possessed during the game. This time an Ebay buy along with the other Psyker in the set.

I was court up in a bidding war sadly so after postage I think I only saved £2.. Meh have to do better if I want this army done on budget.

Next some Renegade Militia as mentioned above they were from a trading page and they were equipped from my bits box. I have another 4 to paint then I need to see abut hunting down another 30 along with some Heavy Weapons and Vox Caster torsos

Last of all a Cult Leman Russ, rather than the standard dark grey like my other tanks I decided to have it rusted metal like it was looted from a factory before being finished by a mob of Cultists rather than the crew turning traitor like the rest of the 17th Mech.

These again was an Ebay buy, £20 including postage. It was alittle battered so was perfect for my use. A few minor adds ons and lick of paint and bang jobs a good 'un.

So whats next?

Well money is tight so I doubt I'll be buying much this much unless bits sell on Ebay or I get a trade or two so I'm going to finish off the buts I have, Cultists and Militia mainly.

Anyway that's your lot, comments always welcome and Ta Ta for now. 


  1. Wow! That's a load of stuff for sure. Very cool to see all of this Chaos army come together mate - you put out an impressive amount of work in a short time.

    1. Thanks mate, far too much left to both buy and paint though.. wish I started a smaller force now :O


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