Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Warhammer 40k: The 17th Traitor Mech Reborn - Pt.4 Army Shot So Far

Welcome Disciples and Minions to the dark dank part of the Warp known only in hushed whispers as OoaB.

So those of you who have been following this series of Blog posts know I'm slowly painting my way though a hoard of crust and lice ridden filth (No not clientele of student night in Watford).

But since the last post I have been very busy painting so rather than post a few separate Blog posts I decided to wack them all together along with a Army Shot of the progress so far.

As you can see it's now around 25-30% complete and is starting to come together as a unified force.

Fecking Cultists... 18 painted and many more left to convert and paint :(

Ogryns, Tanks & Walkers.. Now they are the fun bits and honestly if I wish I had to cash just to do a a force of just them.

My to do pile, another batch of Cultists and a Forgeworld Renegade Command Squad which I picked up on Ebay for £20 last week.

Sadly speaking on Ebay I was outbid for the 2007 Event Miniature Renegade Ogryn with DKoK victim :( it's a real shame as that is one mini I really miss the most from the first version of this force.

As always thanks for looking and comments always welcome.


  1. Really enjoying watching this force gain momentum.

    As for imagining a student night in Watford . . . . . . . not so much ;0)

    1. Thanks Quiet Riot :D, hehe still the student was better than the bonage nights that used to happen in a well known club here... so quote a Orc ''looks like manflesh is back on the menu boys'' *shudders*

  2. Love the way this lot are coming along, loads of character, great details and smashing bases :-)

    1. Thanks, they are coming along but I'm running out of conversion bits for the Cultists which is slowing everything down.. bugger if I'm paying the silly ebay prices for things like backpacks and heads :(

    2. It's difficult, at that point I nearly always give in and spend more than I meant too :-)

  3. What a good looking bunch. Not sure their mums would say as much tho...


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