Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Kings of War: Abyssal Dwarfs Vs Abyssals - 2000pts Pillage Battle Report

Welcome once more to the dank dark interwebs of this wee Blog.

Today I had the chance to have a game of KoW, the last time I played was sometime in early 2016 so it's been awhile.

Luckily this is such a well written game that even with a gap that long between playing we were able to get a full game in around 2 and half hours.

We rolled for the scenario and it turned out to be Pillage with 7 loot counters.

Objective is simple collect the Loot and survive to sell it for weed and hookers.

Pat took his Abyssals that he's working on and I'm using my Abyssal Dwarfs.

So dominance of the Pit it is then.

The Arch Abyssal himself, just before he attack me with a Fireball.

The Red Order Dice are the Loot Counters, with 3-4 being within easy move I deployed long and thin and castling on both flanks.

Pat also went long both with 2 Troops of Hounds, 2 Regiments of Horsemen, Winged Arch Fiend and Gargoyles I knew he was very fast and would be hitting sooner rather then later.

Pat Gets first turn and moves forward ignoring his Objectives, he wants Dwarven Pies for dinner.

I fly a unit of Gargoles over his Abyssal Guard getting ready for a rear charge later.

Above there was a unit, Decimators well umm... decimate?

The Abyssal charges start hitting home and I started losing my Chaff units and the Tank units in the form of Greater and Lesser Golems start wracking up the damage.

The Arch Fiend starts smashing through the Warmachines, but it's too late and he along with all but 1 Abyssal Guard Reg is wiped out from Counter Charges and Shooting/Fireballs.

How it all ended, a win too myself. The first time I have beat Pat's Abyssals but I had some amazing rounds of shooting with Warmachines hitting and my Decimator Hoard with extra piercing doing horrid amounts of damage.

Damn that was fun, we are now planning on doing the full Hellfire and Stone campaign (Dwarves vs Abyssal Dwarves) from KoW V1.

Should be good fun.

That's it for now, comments always welcome. 


  1. Ooooh, nice looking game you have going on there!. I do like Kings of War, its just so smooth and quick and leaves you with constant tactical decisions to make. The army looks great on the table too.

    1. Thanks mate, aye it's good fun it's a pity it has such a bad stigma in certain wargaming crowds or it could go even more massive :)

  2. Fantastic stuff Chico, you said you had been bitten by the KOW bug and you certainly had :-) Great looking battle and a pleasure to read, well done on the win too :-)

    1. The bugs turned out to be crabs ;) :O hehe Thankies.


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