Thursday, 19 October 2017

Oldhammer meets Kings of War - Twilight Kin Pt.1

Well what do we have here then?

A merging of interests I guess, as you may well know I love both WhFB3 era Dark Elves and Kings of War.

So why not combine them?

Now in KoW Evil Elves are known as Twilight Kin and in current lore (Subject to change at somepoint) are aligned with the Abyss.

So Demons and Evil Elves, whats not too love?

Now I already had some Dark Elves painted from a few years ago in a 2 tone paint scheme that I liked at the time but my paintings improved from then so needed repainting.

 So with no plan in mind I started painting and grabbed some and 8 hours later I had finished these 31 mostly female Elves.

Now as the Twlight Kin army is due to be redone (They have been saying this for years, they are the Squats/Sisters of Battle of KoW) I'm having to use the Beta list which isn't too bad a stop gap if I'm honest.

The Witch Elves will be my Blade Dancers and the Warriors will be Buccaneers as 90% of the Warriors have Hand/Repeater X-bows strapped to their backs so makes perfect sense to me. The Lady with the whip will be a Dark Lord.

I have somewhat of plan in mind what I would like in the force now and I'm quite lucking that I already have 75% of it in my leadpile so it won't cost too much to buy if I'm patient and wait for the cheaper end lots and auctions.

Well that's ya lot and thanks for looking.

Ta Ta for now.


  1. They look great Chico, very impressive, love the skin tone but a little bit weird as I'm putting together a load of Twilight Kin for Mrs Daxio to play with...

    1. Thanks I went with the D&D Drow look of grey skin as I hate painting skin and even moreso paleskin. Get some pictures up of Mrs Daxio's Kin would love to see them

  2. Great to see your Dark Elves mustering again! Nice combination of blue skin and blonde hair with the purple for contrast. Can't have Dark Elves without purple. They look good on snow bases. The standard bearer with claw is a fitting conversion. I have a converted Daemonette Herald in a similar pose, now I feel like digging her up and paint her finally!

    1. Thanks mate, my Witch Elves are ''Brides of Slaanesh'' a number of them have claws, my 2nd unit of them when/if I get round to them will even more along the Path of Slaanesh. The force is slowly getting done but it's hard hunting out the old stuff again.


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