Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Oldhammer meets Kings of War - Twilight Kin Pt.2

Welcome boys and girls to the Den of Vice and Dice. mind your footing  though as someone forgot to put away the whips and chains.

So despite my Mother and Aunt being up from Devon taking up alot of my free time I've still managed a small amount of hobby time and most of it with the Dark Elves.

I finished off the Regiment of Warriors/Buccaneers and a Troop of Crossbowmen.

But the biggest thing I did was magnetise all the bases and trays. It was a project that I have never done before so was quite nervous about starting it.

I also went with Magnetic sheeting and squares cut to the base sizes rather then the more modern way of Rare Earth magnets and steel sheeting.

After a little playing around It was easy enough and now transporting these is going to be a blast :)

Up next to paint is a Bolt Thrower which I've also magnetised the crew, so suitable for older WhFB and KoW. Plus my favourite Dark Elf mini the Talisman 3rd Sorceress, I'm also quite fond of the Witch Elf too so I'm now on the hurt for her so if you have one spare please let me know.

That's your lot for today, remember comments welcome and it's what keeps me motivated.

Ta Ta for now!


  1. They look great man . . . and now they can go vertical!!

  2. Now I don't have to worry about buying another carrying case and just use a box to cart them around :)

  3. Yay!, antigravity dark elves!, the old world will never be safe again!. Really great stuff, I loved this range back in the day, still have a ton of character.

  4. When I first started wargaming I had all the 4th Edition Dark Elves but used to look though all the WD's and Catalogues and used to see these but never bought them. So now i'm making up for it.

  5. Difficult terrain will never be a problem ever again :-) They really look great Chico but understand why you would feel nervous, I would be same, all that metal , excellent stuff :-)

    1. I'm glad I started it but noW I just relise how much I have to do... lots of work.


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