Friday, 10 June 2016

Warmaster: Araby - Progress Pt.2

So Pt.2 of my Warmaster Araby series is here for your reading pleasure.

For Pt.1 of the progress go HERE and the Project Beginning HERE.

Right anyway it's been slow going with these, partly because of the sculpts being a bit plain and partly because I've 4/5 other projects wanting some paint (Including 60 Zombies reading for a giant Judge Dredd game at BOYL16).

Enough of my moaning time for pictures!

So completed we have:

1 General
2 Heros
1 Hermit (Wizard)
 3 Harem Eunuchs stands(Guards)
9 Heavy Cav stands
6 Spearmen stands
3 Flying Carpet stands

Still but a fraction of whats needed for a army, but hopefully it'll all come together and look nice once finished.

 So whats next? More Guards and Spearmen are on the painting table, then I need to order some bits from MM/Pendraken. I'd most likely end up ordering the archer units as they are mandatory units (Must have 2 units of archers per 1000pts, same as Spearmen), maybe some Camel Riders or Light Horse as well. Not sure when they'll get ordered though as I'm now saving for BOYL and thats bloody expensive. 

Thanks for looking!

Ta ta for now!


  1. They look brill. I was tempted to collect an army until I read this is just a small portion of what you need.

    Good luck with the zombies and can't wait to see the finished article at BOYL

    1. Aye just like any system some armies are just cheap in points.. these are one of those. I think only Skaven and Orcs & Goblins, plus some Empire builds end up being as big as I'm going. Now if these were Chaos or Dark/High Elves then it would be around this size finished. Whats painted adds up too around £35 spent and same again to be spent plus a little bit more will be needed to finish the force for 2k army. Of course if I bought GW the price would be in the middle hundreds.

  2. Lovely models and lovely painting Chico. You are a lovely man too! xx

  3. Looking good Chico, love how they are coming out, always have loved the way warmaster looked, excellent :-)


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