Saturday, 19 November 2016

Bolt Action/K'47 Free French - French Foreign Legion

Long time no post eh?

I could make an excuse but the simple reason is I'm just tired of ''Oldhammer''.

Still love the older mini's but the rules ain't my thing (Outside of Necromunda & Mordheim) and getting a game of anything was rather few and far between.

Top that off with no money, having to buy a new Laptop and thinning of my collections I'm just enjoying some Historic based systems (Well loosely Historic-skinned) in the form of Bolt Action V.2, TANKS (15mm small Tank Battles) & K'47.

Still it ain't all bad I've painted up 4 large BA forces so far (Late War Winter Germans, Early War Winter Soviets, Home Guard & Free French.

As Free French is what I'm doing now here's where they are now:

Yep my pictures are still shite, so here's some more :D

Still along way to go for this force as it's actually quite enjoyable to paint and collect.

The joy of not spending hours hunting out OOP miniatures on trade groups and Ebay and just going to a webstore and buying everything new and cheap (Oh I will always do everything on a budget).

So will this be a clean break from Oldhammer collecting/gaming?

Nope but I'm enjoying the break.

Anyway thanks for looking C&C welcome


  1. Those look really nice. I must admit to looking at the Bolt Action starter set with interest recently.

    1. Thanks, I really recommend Bolt Action. IMHO 2nd Edition made a already fun game just so much better, I'd go as far as to say it's my favourite system next to Kings of War.

    2. Dooooo it Stimpy, Dooooo It!

  2. Yep, I keep being tempted to, but can't stretch to it at the moment. Your free French look great :-)

    1. Welp the great thing about BA is just how cheap it is :) You can do a all plastic force for under a £40 including a Tank/AFV, The force above which is mostly metal/resin rocks in at around £80-£100 which isn't too bad over all. Also do it and you get a free Chico hug/molestation delete as appropriate hehe

  3. Can't Oldhammer it all the time. Nice to have other projects to mix things up some.

    French look sweet. I wasn't aware they used British gear? I thought only American supplied?

    1. Aye the Free French was at first equipped by the British as De Gaulle started it all up from French troops in England that didn't want to repatriate to Vichy run France and formed as the 1st Free French Brigade. What little remaining French equipment that they had was substituted with British gear/weapons when it failed/lost/ran out/need. My force is loosely based on Bir Hakeim 1942 so before the US equipped the FF, which is good as I hate building US tanks ;) and at this point all uniforms were mostly British (Easy to paint).


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