Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A Rather Nice Surprise

So today after getting back in from a long and tiring morning/afternoon in the cold and wet and open my front door to a large package (No my zip wasn't open ;) ).

I had to double take as at my feet was a old GW Citadel Mail Order box.


I looked further..

Upon inspection it had come all the way from the states..

Thinking I was loosing my mind as I had no trades coming from there and I took the plunge and opened it..

This is what I found:

(Image from Dai)

Then I remembered a few months ago Dai from The Lost and the Damned and the Stunted held a prize giveaway (HERE) for his 200th post.

Which I was a lucky winner (1 of 3) off.

Tell ya what it made my Tuesday, a wonderful dragon in box and a bit of nostalgal in the form of a Mail Order box too boot!

(Image from RPE)

So readers of OoaB go give Dai and his Blog a read and follow it's worth ya time.


  1. That's absolutely amazing dude. I don't think I've ever seen that miniature before!

    It seems that 'tis the season for old dragons. I'm trying to get my hobby mojo back and after years of trying, I've finally bagged myself a Great Spined Dragon. Hopefully I can do it justice, gonna have to work myself up to it.

    Any idea what you're going to do with this? Any of your previously painted factions it may fit with, or just going to paint it up as an awesome stand-alone?

    1. I got given a Spinned Dragon a few years ago, it's a real bugger of a beast. I'm sure you will do it great justice though :)

      As for the Ghost Dragon it'll get painted up to use in my Kings of War Varangur army, as they already have a Zombie Dragon (The old Citadel one now sold by RPE) and my fluff is they tend to use Dark Magic to bind both living and dead monsters so it should fit in well :)

  2. I just love the idea of a Dragon of the Month. Much, much better than Book of the Month, or even Bacon of the Month.
    But Chico, remember, it's only for years 15 & up. Don't choke on the small parts.

    1. Bacon of the month you say? Hmmmm where do I sign up :)

  3. Glad it got to you safely mate. Thought an old hobbyist like yer self would appreciate my old 1980's/1990's GW mail order box. :)

    Really look forward to seeing what you so with the dragon!


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