Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Warmaster Orc Reinforcements

Well there's been a real lack of Blogs here ain't there?

Well that's all down to work and a increased workload (Still I've had a pay raise already which helps) but I haven't been idle on the hobby front with the postman still bringing me little packages of goodness and gaming once a week.

I've also had some painting time which I've been building up a Kings of War Varangur (Chaos for those in the WhFB frame of mind) force from Grenadier and Ral Partha figures.

But more about those soon :)

Anyway my Warmaster Orc force has gained some reinforcements from no less then 3 separate companies.

So what's been added.

A unit of Chariots, Giant and 3 Rock Lobbers by Kallistra.
Unit of Citadel Bot5A Goblins/Orcs
Copplestone Casting Warg Riders and Uruks.

This plus the extra bits I had painted for Orctober should take me to the 2k list mark.

Then it's time for a 2nd Warmaster force.. Dark Elves :)

Thanks for looking

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