Sunday, 20 March 2016

Halfords Black Matt Spray Review

So yes I know I haven't posted in quite some time, this has been a case of Illness (Month long chest infection) and working every hour I can in a low paid job.

Now I have been painting but nothing really Oldhammer related I'm afraid, a Abssyal Dwarf army for KoW is complete, a themed Undead army based on the Evil Dead films (Mostly Army of Darkness) and a some Horus Heresy Emperor's Children.

I'll will get round to posting about all 3 in due time, but today I have a product review for your pleasure.

When I first started hobby 23 years ago I used brush on Chaos Black paint as I'm sure alot of us did, then I moved Games Workshop Black Primer.

This is a solid choice as it typically does the job well if the expensive option.

After this I tried Army Painters range for a short while (2 cans worth) but I'm afraid I just couldn't work with the stuff.. The Cans block and need alot of care.

In other words aload of shit, plus the price since I would have to order over the net is around the same as GW's.

So I went back to GW's until 2 weeks ago,

And I found the perfect Black Spray!


See I've read about people using this spray before on various forums and just put it into the back on my mind.

It's funny though as I live a few 100 metres away from a Halfords.

The can itself comes in at £7.49 so we are already saving £2.01 per can of spray, but wait the can is also 100ml bigger. That means you are also getting 20% more then GW's Chaos Black. 

For the budget man inside me that amazing value.

So have you tryed various sprays? What's your take?

Anyway next postI promise I'll show off some toys :)


  1. Always used it (apart from some Smelly Primer brush on when I started in the 80's). Cheap, good, thin coverage and never blocks. I have Halfords white, black and grey primer!

  2. I use Halfords grey and black primers. They give a very good coating that takes paint very well. I agree about the Army Painter blocked nozzles btw. Had that happen a couple of times with the anti shine stuff. Wouldn't use it again. The colour primer seems to be ok though.

  3. £1 store grey primer is very good.

  4. It's the only spray I've ever used, lord knows how many cans I've bought. I can reccomend the red as well if you are doing khorne stuff.

  5. Halfords grey primer is the only one I use.

  6. Halfords grey and occasionally white. Must have been through dozens of cans of it.

  7. I stopped using Halfords spray when I was a kid and managed to melt the detail off a new predator with some blue from them. Now I guess I just used the wrong paint but the fear has been there ever since.

  8. Halfords Matt Black convert here too! Its great stuff! And with spring here, its warm enough to do some more spraying!

  9. I honestly thought you'd get shot down over this but the responses have all been pretty good.I realised I didn't have any black primer a couple of weeks ago so a I may well, thanks to the saving, owe you a half-pint some time!

  10. I'll go along with the crowd and also add to the Halfords brand, although I can never see the black and end up with GW black and Halfords White and Grey primers. I'll have to look again!!


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