Sunday, 27 March 2016

Evil Dead: Army of Darkness Pt.1

As mentioned in the last post I've been busy painting up a Evil Dead inspired KoW Undead army.

It seems I now have enough to show, this is a slow burn project and one I'm not spending much money on (90% came out of my bits box or unstarted projects (Fireforge Templars).

A large range of parts have been used including the following:

Citadel 1980's Skeleton Horde
Metal Citadel Skeletons
Ral Partha Zombie Dragon
Midlam Skeletons
Fireforge Templars and Tutonics
Mantic Skeletons
Wargames Factory Saxons

Thanks for looking, still have plenty left to build and paint so look for Pt.2 soon.


  1. Cracking work, Chico, I love every bit here.

  2. They are coming along very nicely :-)

  3. Loving the purple Chico and I'm delighted to see you back painting and posting my friend :-)


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