Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Bolt Action: Free French - Reinforcements

Bonjour, je suis votre amical Chico amical et bienvenue chez OoaB.


I happen too speak the language of Google Translation with the best of them!

Heh, moving on I've finally finished off all my stock piled Free French and/or French Foreign Legion for Bolt Action.

You can view the greater part of the force HERE

 Above are 2 FT-17's shockingly good tanks,, in 1918 but by the time WW2 rolled around they were seriously outdated.

Still in Bolt Action they have their uses as somewhat mobile MMG's.

The camo'ed one came in the post painted so all I had to do with it was wash and highlight and add a base.

I needed to bulk out my existing squads so I ordered some more bits from Artizan (By far my favourite maker of WW2 figures).

Also couldn't resist painting up a Captain, with 1 arm he gives off a grizzled look.

So above is a Perry's British 6-Pounder, as we know by this point in the War the Free French were mostly using a mix of gear from British and French stock.

French get a free Med or Light AT or Arty, so while I have 2 Perry's Light Arty's painted I didn't have any AT's for when the a big gun is needed. 

 Last of all is a simple truck, this happens to be a Diecast Lledo's truck I got off Ebay for a couple of quid. afterall a truck is just a truck.

That's you lot for now, Ta Ta for now!


  1. Smashing painting as usual Chico, nice to see some one else who has to deal with the wanderings of Cat :-)

    1. Heh I have 3 cats and they tend to get everywhere. I lost one of painting shelves in a display cabinet as they now choose to go and lay in it instead.

  2. Couldn't agree more re Artizan. Lovely job on some lovely figs.

  3. Yep, Artizan rally do make some of the best WW2 sculpts out there.

    Love the idea of the armless veteran Capitan. Think he's my fav of this bunch.

    1. Thank Dai, as for Artizan I think all but 1 of my Bolt Action forces contains at least 1 Squad from them.


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