Monday, 19 June 2017

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Boromites Pt.5: Rock Father & Overseer Squads

Two Blog posts in one week and both Gates related, aren't you all lucky pluckers (Don't say that too fast mind).

With progress stillcontinuing on my Boromites in preparation for the Gates Open Day at Warlord Games HQ on the 1st of July.

Now bear in mind I'm not sure of what I'll be using in terms of a list so I'm just painting up everything I own and seeing what people I can find for a game or 2 on the day.

So today's offerings:

Overseer, 2 Gangers and Spotter Drone:

Rock Father, 2 Gangers and 2 Shield Drones

So whats next?

Another Work Ganger, a X-Launcher and Crew, 3 Borer Drones.

Then I'll have anything I own painted.. phew that'll be nice, but knowing my luck I'd end up buying more bits and stocking up the Lead Pile again.

So that's your lot for today, Ta ta for now!


  1. Dude, awesome to see you knocking out some Antares models! Have you had much of a chance to play yet?

    1. Thanks mate, I've played only twice so far, but being a Bolt Action veteran it was fairly simpleto learn (Learn but not master hehe). The systems share just enough rules to feel familiar which helped no end :)

  2. Looking very nice Chico, smashing models very nicely painted. Love the bases as usual:-)

  3. Seriously mate, you're making me actually like the Boromite aesthetic with your paint scheme. Solid work!


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