Sunday, 2 July 2017

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Warlord HQ Open Day Pt.1

So yesterday myself and a fellow Watford Wargamer Club member and friend woke up early and headed up to Nottingham for the first ever Gates Open Day at Warlord HQ.

Of course we had to stop on the way up at the infamous Watford Gap Services for a Bacon Roll and a much needed wee (Not in that order though hehe).

Tables for the Tournament and Open Gaming tables at the back
Now we weren't playing in the Tournament but rather both brought up forces for the Open Games and we were invited by the Primus Shard gaming group to take part in their 3 Vs 3 Game.
So we get there around 9.30am a tad later than wanted as we got lost on the last bit as the Sat Nav had a fit and didn't like us anymore.

First thing first we both sign in get are Goodie Bags as we bought the Skirmish Ticket.

The Goodie Bags contained the Gates Dice and Card game and a Limited Edition figure and rulesheet (retailing about £21), not bad at all/

We than met up with the some of the Primus Shard and had a wee chat, also bumped into a few fellow Oldhammer'ererers so that was a added bonus.

There was plenty of eye candy on display from new releases to the studio armies, not many new toys for my Boromites but plenty for everyone else.

So that's part 1 for you, tomorrow I'll do part 2 the gaming and the new toys I was forced into buying... honest!

Ta Ta for now


  1. Some fantastic looking miniatures there Chico, I really like Togg :-)

    1. He's a big boy, sadly not useable for me but you never know I could end up with a force to use him with in time.

  2. That Togg is a really cool sculpt. Will you go with the studio scheme when you paint it up?

    1. He's a massive boy that's for sure, no idea what I'll paint him like though as I don't have a Freeborn for him to go in and I don't see myself getting one for awhile :-/


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