Friday, 28 July 2017

Horus Heresy: Emperor's Children Traitor Librarian-Sorcerer

So while I wait for my Gates order to turn up from Warlord Games I've been working on some forgotten projects (Emperor's Children) which has sparked me into buying (Yes it doesn't take much) the odd extra bit.

Anyway while trawling the deep dark of the Ebay I came across this fan made sculpt for £5.

While a tad basic I took a punt on it and bought it, it turned up yesterday and ended up jumping to the top of my project pile.

I had the feeling with a few minor conversions it would look rather tasty.

First of all I removed the rock/brick of his foot and found a suitable Resin Base, then I added a Mk.3 Pad and backpack (I thought his legs looked quite Mk.3ish) and a Bolt Pistol in a holster.

Simple changes but one which makes him more ''GW'' looking or at least too fit in with the rest of the force.

Painting wise he's done the same as the rest of my EC's with a deep Purple and a rich Gold. Army Painter Metallic and Washes make this rather easy to pull off thankfully :)

So what's next for the perverted ones?


Phoenix Terminators with BaC arms, again simple but effective conversions.

Well that's ya lot for today, remember comments always welcome.

Ta Ta for Now! 


  1. I really like that sculpt man. Yeah, it's basic and not as finely detailed as the current trend, but it looks almost certainly hand-sculpted to me and that means it has a lot more character to it than otherwise. Good additions and basing too along with the paint job means you have a rather splendid finished result in my books.

    The termies are going to be a great addition.

    1. I quite like him too, he has that charm and it did paint up quite well too :).

      The Termies are going to be a bloody paint to paint with all the scroll work and ribbons.. ugh!

  2. Well these Emperor's Children of yours look great and this guy is excellent!! It inspires me to crack on with my sons of Horus!!! Maybe we can do a 30k theme game at BOYL18

    1. Ta mate, you should work on your Son's again though that'll no doubt end up with you spending cash, it's the way of things hehe. BOYL18.. damn you like to plan ahead :O

  3. Topwork! Your Emperor's children are a marvel to behold.

    1. Thanks bud, they are all tabletop standard and I'm more than happy with that but I'm glad you like them.


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