Friday, 19 January 2018

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Ghar Rebels Pt.5: Reinforcements

Welcome once again my loyal readers to OoaB.

Boy it's only my 2nd post this year, granted we are only 19 days in but it's seems my Blogging output is lacking once more.

Despite not posting I have been busy painting when I can and have managed a fair chunk of bits, but for this post we'll be looking at my Rebel Ghar.

You can view the full force up too this point HERE

I managed to finish both a unit of Suits and a Outcast/Rebel Squad with a Weapon Team included.

The idea being that with the inclusion of these the army can double as a Ghar Empire force  at the lower point games and can even split and be both a Ghar Empire and a Rebel force if I needed a 3rd force for Demoing.

Honestly not the most enjoyable figures to paint and I kind of rushed them because of that, much prefer the dedicated Rebel sculpts.

Well that's your lot for now, well almost just enough time for a plug:

If you are London/Hertforshire based and looking to start some Gates gaming come join our group ad get some gaming in.

That's ya lot!

Ta Ta for now!


  1. You may not feel too proud of these but the end result looks really good mate. Hope you enjoy playing these more than you did the Boromites.

    1. Honest at this point in time I have given up on Gates, the playerbase just isn't big enough to allow me to play and I guess I was trying to force myself to love the game and forcing it to fit myself when it doesn't.. I'll stick to BA and 40k for awhile methinks.


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