Thursday, 4 January 2018

Warhammer 40k: Crimson Sons Warband Pt.2 - The Stockpile

Welcome my loyal degenerates, hope you all had a wonderful holiday season filled with toys, booze, boobies and food.

Anyhoo as you may remember from way back in early December (If your brain hasn't melted from too much Xmas music that is)  that I painted up some old Thousand Son Marines:

I quite enjoyed painting them despite the single pose and the smallness of the old style sculpts.

So when I had a chance to visit Dark Sphere in London with my Xmas pressie money I ended up walking out with a few boxes of goodies (At a very nice discount I might add).

So I bought a box of each of Rubric Marines, Scarab Occult Terminators and a box of Tzaangors which as it happened had just gone Direct Only so was lucky to find the last box in store.

A nice solid start and a fair chunk of money down, It's strange me buying new I tend to stick too Ebay for 2nd hand offers.

Speaking of Ebay I had to find a few bargains so picked up a Chaos Rhino with Thousand Sons Forgeworld front and doors. Sadly it's in rough shape and with need some TLC but for only £15 BiN I couldn't really say no.

That wasn't all I managed to snag though, I found an unloved Chaos Sorcerer for a mere £5, again in a bad state.

Not a bad start and combined with the Crimson Son Squad already painted gives a solid starting point.

As we all know 40k is a model heavy game system so sadly both model and money wise isn't even half of what I'll need to get a army on the table any time soon.

I don't mind though as I plan for these to be a slow burn that I'll work on in between other projects such as Gates or my Renegade Guard (My main 40k gaming army, update on them soon).

Well that's it for now, in the coming days I'll have a few more Gates posts for you all too enjoy.

Thanks for reading,

Ta Ta for now.


  1. Good to see you're starting the year as you mean to go on.

    Paul/ Golgfag1

    1. Thanks Paul, yeah spending money that I shouldn't be hehe

  2. Nice haul mate. Whilst I've never been a big fan of Tzeentch, the Tsangors were some pretty cool sculpts that to me at least, harkened nicely back to the old Real of Chaos aesthetic.

    1. Yeah never done a Tzeentch army before, always a Slaaneshi fan when it comes to Chaos though my Renegade Guard are Nurgle.


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