Thursday, 15 August 2013

GLOGG: Greater London Oldhammer Gits & Gamers

GLOGG: Greater London Oldhammer Gits & Gamers

Boys and Girls (Read: Boys with Moobs), how many of you are located in the Greater London area? With Oldhammer booming its time to meet up and get your game on. So i bring you GLOGG: Greater London Oldhammer Gits & Gamers a cell/group of Oldhammer fans/players that wish to meet up and have drink and game.

If anyone is interested just sign up and arrange a game or put your thoughts across. Also if anyone wishes to take the lead on this rather then myself and add your own viewpoint then your more the free too.

Also anyone wanting to make a banner for either GLOGG or This Blog please do so and i'll be happy to display your  work.

Also Orlygg (From Realm of Chaos 80's has also started a East Anglia/Cambridge (ish) Chapter which can be found here: East Anglia/Cambridge Chapter

Also Zhu from Realm of Zhu as started a Oldhammer Wiki


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