Saturday, 10 August 2013

Inspiring Undead Part 2

So part 2 of Inspiring Undead, this time Art Work which has helped my focus.

To me this is the classic Undead look, that i have tried for in my own Undead Warband.

I love this picture, it shows a bit of the comedy side of the Undead while still staying dark and Gothic.

Again another dark and Gothic art piece, once again a picture my own Undead try to live uptoo (sorry for the bad pun).

Classic Undead army from the Undead Army book of late, 4th Ed changed the look of Undead forever and made them less Gothic and Humorous to bright and laughable. Still when painted ''Wight'' (Heh yet  another bad pun) they do look fantastic. My Favourites are the Wraiths and Wight Cav.

Chaos Champions, sometimes serve even in Undeath. A year and a day to do as the must.

Arhhh the Deadites from Army of Darkness, creepy and funny. Perfect

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