Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Legion keeps marching ever forward

Work on my Undead continues, note the large pile of newly stripped lead in the background mixed in with my new buys from Ebay and trades. Would have ranked them up but there either lacking bases or horses heh.

Still need to build 80 more plastic skeletons (If i can be bothered, building the Archers/Grim Reapers/Chariots were hassle enough) and strip quite a few more figures (There ranked up in the picture with the rest for the moment). Strip my Plague Cart and wait for Ebay to bring me the rest of my zombies and ghouls.

Full army shot of everything built, note the pesky Genestealer Patriarch and Hybrid trying to get in the picture

2 Hosts, 10 Skeleton Archers, 32 Skeletons, 30 Grim Reapers, 10 Death Riders, 10 Wights Inc Vampire, Undead Hero, Skeleton Ogre, Necromacer, Liche, Vampire

3 Chariots, 15 Zombies (13 more in the pile and/or in the post) 7 Nightmare Legion (Expensive buggers to get), 17 Ghouls (2 more in the pile), Skull Chucker, The Lead Pile includes Wraiths/Wights/Death Riders/Mummys//lots of other fun toys

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Muahahaha, more lead (And plastic) FOR THE LEAD GOD!

So Facebook that hated site by many has actually helped me with many a bargain from the various trade groups on there, and today my latest bargain arrived:

Facebook Trading Groups:

Warhammer Swap Shop

World Wide Bits Traders

Tabletop Trading

Saturday, 17 August 2013

So my first game of WhFB 3rd Ed has been booked...

So my first game of WhFB 3rd Ed has been booked...

I feel like a 9 year old kid again learning the ropes in the dark and Metal Music infused GW Watford, granted I'd started gaming at the beginning of 4th Ed but the feelings still the same.

GW Watford, Picture taken a few years ago

So with that i started looking at my PDF's of WhFB and Warhammer Armies (Have no fear i have actual hardcopys there just hiding from me, no doubt having a sexy party), trying to retro learn the rules and in this case we'll using army lists learning the restrictions.. and boy does using Undead have alot of restrictions :O

Warhammer Armies: Undead

So has you can see a few restrictions in your characters and Undead Heros having to take Magic Weapon over level 10.

Now lets look at the Army List itself:

Arhhh ok so i have to have a minimum unit of 10 Grim Reapers and 20 Skeletons, Ok well seeing as a unit of 10 combat troops are pointless i'll have to have a unit of at least 20.. problem i don't have that many Skeletons with Doubled Handed weapons, Time to break out my plastic Skeletions and put them together and painted. Also look i can field Skeletons with Bows and Crossbows! Happy times.

Anyway i'll keep everyone updated about the game and the painting of my Warband (Everything i use will be painted)


Thursday, 15 August 2013

GLOGG: Greater London Oldhammer Gits & Gamers

GLOGG: Greater London Oldhammer Gits & Gamers

Boys and Girls (Read: Boys with Moobs), how many of you are located in the Greater London area? With Oldhammer booming its time to meet up and get your game on. So i bring you GLOGG: Greater London Oldhammer Gits & Gamers a cell/group of Oldhammer fans/players that wish to meet up and have drink and game.

If anyone is interested just sign up and arrange a game or put your thoughts across. Also if anyone wishes to take the lead on this rather then myself and add your own viewpoint then your more the free too.

Also anyone wanting to make a banner for either GLOGG or This Blog please do so and i'll be happy to display your  work.

Also Orlygg (From Realm of Chaos 80's has also started a East Anglia/Cambridge (ish) Chapter which can be found here: East Anglia/Cambridge Chapter

Also Zhu from Realm of Zhu as started a Oldhammer Wiki


Monday, 12 August 2013

More work on the Undead Warband!

The Undead grow in number, soon the mortals shall pay the blood toll..

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Inspiring Undead Part 2

So part 2 of Inspiring Undead, this time Art Work which has helped my focus.

To me this is the classic Undead look, that i have tried for in my own Undead Warband.

I love this picture, it shows a bit of the comedy side of the Undead while still staying dark and Gothic.

Again another dark and Gothic art piece, once again a picture my own Undead try to live uptoo (sorry for the bad pun).

Classic Undead army from the Undead Army book of late, 4th Ed changed the look of Undead forever and made them less Gothic and Humorous to bright and laughable. Still when painted ''Wight'' (Heh yet  another bad pun) they do look fantastic. My Favourites are the Wraiths and Wight Cav.

Chaos Champions, sometimes serve even in Undeath. A year and a day to do as the must.

Arhhh the Deadites from Army of Darkness, creepy and funny. Perfect

Friday, 9 August 2013

Opening up old blister packs


Today i have done something i have never had the chance to do before, no this isn't a story about me losing my Virginity ;) But rather today i have opened a long OOP blister pack...shock horror!

This is the first time i had to do this for a blister pack this old and it was indeed alot harder then i thought it was going to be, sure they are gaming pieces and they are there to be painted and used (As anyone knows me i hate unpainted armies). But even still breaking that seal after 20 years or more untouched brought a tear to my eye.. well ok not quite but you get the idea.

So what's your take on opening the old packs? Do you do it? Do you keep the packs after?


Sunday, 4 August 2013

Warhammer World Invasion aka So I heard you like Cults

Yesterday i went to another of the Warhammer World Invasion events, this time it was a doubles event (Not my favourite) So i went with my friend Kris.

I took my Genestealer Cult and Kris took his Chaos Cult (Used to my mine till i sold it on). I happy to say that the combined Cults won not only  the Watford Store Champions but also Best Army with a almost unheard of score of a max of 20 out of 20 points for Painting/Basing/Warlord/Fluff.

Watford Store Invasion Champions, Note my Oldhammer T-shirt

Best Army Award

Genestealer Magus

Team name: So I heard you like Cults. 5 points away from max score in gaming.

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