Sunday, 10 January 2016

And the Weiner is....

So boys and girls it's time to announce the Weiner.. sorry winner of my 200k View Giveaway.

With just under 30 people who entered for a chance to with a Judge Chico & Cyber Goat miniatures (Which they may or may not stroke and do naughty things too).

Image from Mr Ass
Drum roll please!
And the winner is..

Chico Danks!


Wait.. What do you mean I can't win my own prize..

Fine *Grumbles*

Ok lets try that again shall we?

And the winner is (Again)..

Riot Ville!

From the wonderful Blog: Riot Ville On Fire

Well done Mr Riot, contact me via FB or here with ya details and I'll get the Dorf sent out too you.

Paint him up and show him off to the world!

Until next time thanks for reading all!

1 comment:

  1. Wa-hoo!!!

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

    I will pm you my details via oldhammer forum.

    Cheers Chico 😄


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