Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Walking Dead: All Out War

So boys and girls it's official, TWD is getting it's own tabletop game courtesy of Mantic!

The press release:

“The Walking Dead: All Out War will be set in the engaging and immersive post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead comic series. Having the comic license gives us far more freedom to reproduce from all the rich and evocative artwork, and over 149 issues of the comics.

This offered the biggest choice of factions and characters – in fact the widest scope possible to explore the setting and heroes. Finally the comic license also gives us direct access to the Skybound team, and insight into the world by the people who actually created it! We will bring the pages to life with fantastic models that will cry out to be painted, slick game play and it’ll all be part of an awesomely fun gaming experience.”

I'm quite excited about this, looks like Mantic may get a quid or 2 from me.. 

Oh no mention of being Kickstarted either.. so far heh.


  1. Sounds very interesting, can't help but love a zombie :-)

    1. Loving a Zombie sounds umm.. sticky heh. No doubt it's a fetish somewhere though ;)

  2. Sigh, one more game from Mantic I couldn't care less about, didn't like the figures for Mars Attacks, and I can't stand the Zombie Genre, so another I'll miss thank you.


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