Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Horus Heresy: Emperor's Children

I'll be honest there hasn't been awhole lot of ''Oldhammer'' goings on at castle Chico of late and I'm kind of feeling like I'm treading water and keep doing new versions of the same old thing.

So I needed a quick break from the old time goodness ad time to work on something modern and fresh (Too me).

So with that in mind and the releasing of BaC it was time to dig out that box of Forgeworld and asorted toys out of the darkness of the attic and see what I could put together without spending more then a couple of quid (I caved in and bought a BaC Contemptor Dreadnought of Ebay with my Xmas bonus and the wife wasn't too happy as money is tight atm).

Above is what I've painted so far,yep I couldn't quite escape the Oldhammer bug and painted up a Mk.1 Rhino.

I still have another 9 more to paint up (A missile launching Mk.2 armoured Support squad, the rest of the Legion Veteran Squad & a Traitor Captain).

The idea is to use these as both Loyalists and Traitors as and when needed with just adding and removing units. That way I can paint up everything I want without restricting myself.

As FW is bloody expansive even with the BaC kits I doubt this force will be that big but no doubt it'll grow some more.

Thanks for looking!


  1. A good marine is a brightly coloured marine! So I approve. Nice start

  2. Top stuff Chico. I love the 30k stuff so this really appeals. I'm doing the same sort of think with Sons of Horus at the moment!

    1. Hmmm i forsee your SoH Vs my EC at some point then :D Hmm if we use 2nd Ed rules then maybe we can have a bash at the oldhammer day :D

  3. Those models are glowing, very nice, :-)

  4. Looking good Chico. Purple marines should be gaudy and these certainly fit the bill.


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