Monday, 25 April 2016

Chico Does Mordheim: Pt.14 Wanger Rumblestump the Chief Jester & Ozzy the Bateater

So it's been awhile since I've done anything for my Mordheim/Chicoheim™ Orcs aka ''Da Royal Court''.

But like most (Read: all) of my projects they are never really finished or put to bed.

Yesterday while looking though the lovely updated Warmonger Miniatures I got the urge to paint up some more of the stunning Kev Adams Greenskins.

For those that don't know Warmonger is an extension of Foundry Miniatures where all their stunning (Sometimes bloody expensive) Fantasy range now lives.

The figure of the left is one of the newer Orcling Scouts and listed as:

 Wanger Rumblestump the Chief Jester.

Such a great detailed little guy, him along with a couple of other Orcling Scouts were posted to me last year as a surprise gift by Foundry after I mentioned on the Oldhammer Group those were the only Orclings Scouts I was missing from the set.

The Greenskin on the right is:

 Ozzy the Bateater

Ozzy was a free giveaway mini last October (Orctober?) by Foundry. Lucky for me there was being run a Oldhammer event at the same time and I asked James from the infamous RoC80's Blog to grab me one :) which he kindly did!

Again a Kev Adams sculpt by designed by Maria Ansell .

He's a tad big for a Goblin but too small for a Orc, so perfect in Da Royal Court who are all.. ahem a bit special heh.

Thanks for looking and ta ta for now!


  1. Lovely work Chico, and a delight to see you back painting Da Royal Court. I only heard of "Warmonger" at Salute last weekend, as I managed to pick up a Robo-Hunter & Hoagy from their stall. Now I know a bit more about them I'm sure I'll be visiting their stand more often in the future, especially if I can paint their minis up half as well as you do :-)

    1. Thanks Blaxy keep a eye out of ya like the greenies as I have 3 more on the painting table. The Oldhammer events are hosted at foundry and seeing wall to wall of Warmounger/Foundry minis is such a wonderful sight too see. Sadly I'm not a fan of their 2000AD line as the figures are bloody massive and don't fit with my Citadel ones.

  2. They really are superb miniatures but eye-wateringly expensive!!

    1. Agreed, they are my favourite Orc range but the price does stop be buying some 9 out of 10 times. Still as a treat when I'm at BOYL or if a cheap one pops up I tend to get 1 or 2. Doubt I'l ever own a massed battle of them though but for Mordheim and Frostgrave I have enough options to run them

  3. I really like the Orkling scout. Were these minis sculpted by Kev Adams? They look like it, but it might also be someone else emulating the work of the Master.

    1. Yep all the Orclings and mostly everything Greenskin by Foundry except the Goblin ranges and a few odds and ends which are John Pickford were sculpted by Kev (I asked him at last years BOYL while he was sculpting me a face on the Chico-Santa) The Giva-way mini Ozzy the Bat Eater was sculpted by Kev but designed by Maria Ansell.


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