Saturday, 30 April 2016

Tale of 4 Oldhammer Gamers - Pt.9 - Goblin Shaman

Tale of 4 Oldhammer Gamers.

Those taking part are:

James author of Realm of Chaos 80's
Steve author of Eldritch Epistles
Paul author of The Black Hole
and Myself.

Wow Pt.9 already, times going by fast and I'm now almost done with this army (Woot?)

So today I have just 1 figure a Lvl 15 Goblin Shaman.

Figure is from the old Heartbreaker range and now sold by RPE, the paint job is a quick one as this month my interests have been inreasing focused on more modern games and minis.

Still he hits the 100 point mark with a sneaky magic item muhahaha

Thanks for looking!


  1. You have achieved a very smooth finish on the old skin here, Chico-chops - well done. How about a gigantic army shot of the whole force sometime soon?


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