Friday, 28 April 2017

Beyond the Gates of Antares - Boromites Pt.2 - Test Paint Scheme

Afternoon loyal readers and Bots, can't forget you after all, when the Machines rise up remember I said Hi and I'm willing to sell out the Human Population hard... Aham..

So after the last post discussing bases (Part 1) I decided they were to large and switched over to the lipped bases. While only a few MM smaller they do look much better.

Warlord Games also got back to me about my missing Boromite Work Gang heads so hopefully they'll come in the post too before too long.

Speaking of Warlord Games I may or may not have placed a order while on the site for the Hardback Rulebook + free £20 Box and the Boromite Dice Bag + Dice.

So the free £20 box I selected one of the Ghar boxes as they didn't have anything Boromite (Being all metal range), so looks like I'm doing Ghar as my next force hehe.

Anyway enough dribble, pictures!

I wanted a bright paint job as I'm been painting WW2 for awhile now and needed the change of pace.

I started with a Grey Primer and used coloured Washs to build up both the armour/gear/tech/nappies and the flesh.

The more I painted the more I started to think the sculpts while nice really do look like they are wearing armoured nappies.

The bases I went for a Mars style base using rust paints, black rocks and red flock (Feck you James Taylor, no asking why it's a winter base again ;) hehe)

I'm rather happy with the outcome, a pain in my bum to paint but worth it.

Anyway comments always welcome!

Ta Ta for now!


  1. Terrifically colourful start Chico, and you've already painted more up then me :-)

    1. Send all your Boromite's to me I'll paint them *Cough* and keep them *Cough*

  2. I thought they looked like diapers too!

    Still pretty cool though. Love the paint scheme!


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