Friday, 23 March 2018

The Great British Slaaneshi Rescue: Pt.1

Welcome boys and girls to the Den of Vice and Dice, it's new project time and it's an earner of brownie points to-boot .

Now almost 7 years ago my Wife stuck her toe in the world of Wargaming to try and see what I was addicted too.

So I bought her some modern plastics and metal kits of her choice (Slaaneshi demons as you may have gathered from the post title) for her Birthday to have a wee play about with. 

While she both stuck them together and painted them they were soon just thrown in a random box unloved after only a few months.

Oh well I tried.

Now speed forward too yesterday.

I was digging though my boxes in my loft trying too find a spare carrying case and I've found them all unloved and broken.

A idea sparked, ''Why don't I repair them and do a full repaint in her chosen colour scheme (Plus maybe buy some new bits, but shhh about that 😈) and earn some brownie points''

Worst outcome is she just doesn't care and I get a new gaming force, best outcome well.. ummm.. you know 😉.

Trouble is they haven't aged well and will need some work rebasing and gluing together before I'd even started painting.

Here's how they are now after 30mins of repair work:

For her first army they weren't bad and better than mine was way back in the day but they need some lovin' (Orrrr err!).

So there we are, on other news Salute isn't far away and I've been lucky enough to be given a ticket and ride there so for the first time in years I'm going Salute, so if you are also coming look out for me.. the fat bald bearded one... Oh wait.. that's 90% of the people there! heh.

So that's your lot for today, thanks for reading!

Ta Ta for now!


  1. Splendid salvaging work, Chico. They look far from unloved, imho, and I'll be keeping any eye out for you at "Salute" :-)

    1. Thanks mate, I'll be the one at Salute walking around sad as I can't afford any of the shineys hehe

  2. Has your better half seen them? Has she been tempted to delve into the hideous depths of depravity that is Slaanesh? :-)

    1. She knows I'm redoing them for her but we'll wait and see if she cares when they are done (It's still early days and I'm just rebasing everything reading for spraying and repainting)

  3. Good for you mate. I tried similarly, but my ex was having none of it.

    Lucky sod on the Salute ticket btw. I fear for your wallet once you arrive.

    1. I have a plan for Salute it's called ''take no money and grab all the freebies'' hehe


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