Friday, 30 March 2018

The Great British Slaaneshi Rescue: Pt.3

Warning: Mistakes were made and wallets emptied, proceed at your own risk.

Welcome denizens of the underwebs to Pt.3 of the ongoing The Great British Slaaneshi Rescue.

No real progress has been made since yesterdays post other than I ummm.. bought something at full RRP.. *Faints* 😵

I know I know, I'll hand in my  Cheaps-bastard card along with the Oldhammer one I've already handed back in shall I? Hehe

But what did I get I hear you ask?

It's a odd time to be playing/buying GW games and products as after many years of claiming that discounts devalues their brand they started doing discount style box sets which aren't the core game.

The above box set costs £50 but if you buy everything in there separately it would come too £71.50 (This isn't even the best vaule box, The Fyreslayer box value is £98, saving you a whooping £48)

Not a bad saving, of course I could have ordered one online or maybe even waited till Salute in 2 weeks for bigger savings but I kind of got carried away and having got some unexpected Easter money (I'm a adult...sometimes, so I wasn't expecting anything for what is a small holiday centred around kiddies and chocolate).

So upon opening I also spotted away to get even more bang for you buck with this set.

The Exalted Chariot is just 2 Seeker Chariot/Hellflayer kits (£18 each so together the same as an Exalted Chariot in price) so if you build the recommend Exalted Chariot you also get the parts to build 2 spare Heralds on foot (£9 each if you compare them to the metal ones on sale).


Then if we buy another box in the future I have the options to go with 2 Seeker Chariot/Hellflayers instead of the The Exalted Chariot giving me more use/options out of the box plus keeping the army costs down.

So there we have it, not that exciting a Blog post but one I'd thought I'd say nonetheless.

So whats your thoughts on this and the many other Start Collecting boxes? Are you a fan or do you still avoid the newer stuff?

Ta Ta for now!


  1. You know me, if it isn't metal it don't count for a lot unless it comes in large amounts - good spot for anybody that isn't a lead-head.

    1. I hear that, I do love my lead stuff but I do seem to be getting more and more plastic toys in the last couple of years. I guess playing modern rules systems like Kings of War, Bolt Action, 40k and now AoS is just naturally pushing my collections that way :)

  2. Was in my local GW as I had giftcards left over from Xmas to spend (And picked up - which was utterly YOUR fault btw - Shadespire, but that's a story for another blog post.) and saw these boxed sets. Almost got the Nurgle daemons one as a matter of fact cos they worked out to be a nice deal. But then sense over-rode shiny-itis and I recalled all the other unpainted shit that sits in my room...

    1. Nope not taking the blame for you buying Shadespire as I don't own/play it :P heh but you should have bought the Nurgle demon one... they are nice vaule (For a GW product that is) :)

    2. Eh, it's a GW product, so its your fault plainly😋

    3. Must be my fault you play Winter Russians and Germans then... Your just looking up to you idol eh? ;)

  3. I am still not feeling the love for AoS, but I can't wait to see what you do with these miniatures, Chico.

    1. AoS isn't bad, it'll never be like WhFB but taken as a game on it's own it's not bad for a beer and pretzel game. I'll still love my ranked up armies but thats why I play Kings of War.


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