Friday, 1 June 2018

Bolt Action: Romanians Pt.1

Welcome boys and girls back to OoaB for another typo filled blurry picture infested Blog post.

So anyway with the amount of Bushido I've been churning out (More posts to come in fact) I fancied a new project.

I've been ummming and erring if I wanted Romanians or Hungarians or not for a little while, but the choice was made for me as my regular opponent went and started a Hungarian force.

Enter Romanians for Bolt Action (My chosen WW2 gaming system).

Romanians as a force are rather interesting as they fought of both sides and were the 2nd largest Axis force in Europe (Surpassing Italy) and the 4th Largest Allied force when they switched sides in 1944 when their fascist government was overthrown in a coup led by the exiled King.

Dispite this Germany never looked favourably on them and so ended up poorly equipped and using outdated and often broken down Armour/Tanks.

So yesterday I ordered my first platoon from Great Escape Games, not only did they have numerous army deals at all price levels (I bought the Platoon deal, 24 figures for £32) there postage costs were quite cheap and it came in less then 24 hours, really can't complain about that.

Along with my Platoon deal I added in a Sniper and thought to try out some AK paints they recommend. Now I already how the Vallejo equivalents from painting painting my Home Guard which shares a similar pallet.

Also for a change I went with the summer uniformed sculpts instead of the winter ones (Though they are a tad nicer) as honestly I've done so many winter forces now the thought of another one would kill me hehe

I figured I can get these 26 done in a month or so then I can treat myself to some of the bigger toys like Artillery pieces and Tank Destroyers that Romanian was known for.

Well that's your lot for today, next few posts will be more than likely more Bushido including the start of my 2nd Warband.

Thanks for looking and ta ta for now.


  1. Good looking sculpts. Will you count these as axis or allied?

    1. Both as there isn't much difference between the 2. The Bolt Action List is rather basic with the only armour being German (So no liberated Russian tanks which would have been handed back to the Russians when they switched sides in 44). You can take a German unit from the Armies of Germany book though as Axis support so if they were used as Allies I might just have to stick to German Armour rather than Squads of troops.


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