Sunday, 1 July 2018

Bolt Action: Romanians Pt.3

Welcome loyal vagabonds to Pt.3 of this army build (Pt.2 HERE)

Due to the heat that we have been having (And the desire to go down the pub it brings) my painting is slowing down a tad.

Though I have done some commission painting for a friend which took a couple of days to knock out as well.

Still I have finished a TAC Resita 75mm Heavy AT Gun, TA (StuG3) and 4 Tank Hunters (Game terms just more SMG troops for my units).

So with these and the removal of the Tiger 1E (It's gone back to the Fall of Berlin force) I now have over 1000pts painted in 1 Month.

That ain't bad at all eh?

So the total painted:

2nd Lieutenant + Assistant
Medic + Orderly
Sniper Team
MMG Team
Med AT Gun + Crew
Heavy AT Gun + Crew
4 Tank Hunters
2x 10man Squads
TA (StuG3)
T-38 (Panzer 38(t) )

So over 40 men, 2 Guns and 2 Tanks in a single month.

Whats next? I have a 3D Printed TACAM I need to pick up from my friend and I'm currently converting up a Spotter/Observer from a German one.

When funds allow I need to get another Squad as I'm lacking bodies (And LMG's). 

GEG on their FB group has shown a WIP of a Flamethrower team that looks rather nice so that'll be added to my force once it's released. Hopefully they'll do a Medium Howitzer and Panzerschreck Team as well.

That's your lot for today, thanks for looking and ta ta for now.


  1. Damn Chico your shaming me with all the paintings your getting done and how little I’m accomplishing! I must get back to work!

  2. Look smashing Chico, love the tufts :-)

  3. Hey Chico!! I just realised its been nearly a year since you’ve posted. I hope you’re okay mate!!

    1. I'm ok bud, it's just blogging is too much like hard work now adays. plus my hobby is posted more on facebook or Lead Adverture Forum to make up for it. Feel free to sling me a friend invite on the ol' bookface though.

    2. Phew! I’m glad you’re okay mate! Me and a few others were saying how much we missed your blog the other day!!


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